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East Brisbane Share Accommodation

East Brisbane Share Accommodation



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$180/week25 year old male

Thanks for checking me out. I'm an Entertainment host/performer/General all-rounder at a resort in the GC, but until they're up and running again I do freelance work online- Just looking to find somewhere that won't make it such a long drive to work when it re-opens! Currently and on top of my returning job above I work from home as part of a YouTube channel 'Emkay' doing narration. Odd job I know but the pay is consistent, I literally can't qualify for Centrelink because of it. So don't worry about not getting rent on time! (just to note I'm looking for minimum 2 months, as that's when my GC job is open again.) I clean up after myself, eat from my own containers (I bulk cook) to save issues with bowls. At home I tend to keep to myself but not as a hermit, I'm social but not gonna constantly pry into you, so it won't feel like you're living with a distant stranger with me around! Outside of home I'm at the gym, dance or occasionally practice my saxophone (like once a year lol) or singing/acting, but I like to make sure if I do those things at home to be sure it's not during a time where my housemates require a bit of peace and quiet. Always open to communicate with, because if you're not feeling at home then I'm not either. I do bulk cook, in which I may need to use the kitchen for an entire hour or two during a day of the week. Ideally looking for a place that can enable me space to have a sort of 'office' set up regarding the narration stuff but depending on the size of the room's available I can always make do! I'm not vegan/vegetarian but have massive respect for the practice. I'll do my best to avoid cooking meats with you around or get rid of the smell if it's a genuine concern of yours. I have a basic interest in really every avenue of life. Obviously stuff with the creative arts are my forte. But I don't exactly parade about it. My main requirement is just that you're someone who pays their share, otherwise you can be as weird and wonderful as you want (honestly you can introduce me to your pet cactus ill be open to it) 👍 Any other requirements or curiosities just ask!

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$300/week29 year old male

I'm originally from New Zealand and I've lived in Brisbane since 2016. I have spent this time living in shared apartments, so I'm accustomed to the responsibilities of shared living. I’m highly reliable when it comes to rent payments, keeping common areas tidy, and taking great care of the residence and its furnishings. I’d hope for the same from any potential flatmate(s), but at the same time I’m not a stickler and will show/expect some tolerance with these things. I work full-time in Bowen Hills – my current job involves doing shift work, which includes weekends/nights. I'm looking to change to a job that's Mon-Fri, but for now it means there will be times I have to get up super early for work, or return home after working a 12h night shift and just want to face-plant in to bed. So it goes without saying that I’m not after a party house - however I'd still like a social place and would love to be able to hang out with housemates to share a meal/drink from time-to-time when schedules line up. I'd rather not just co-exist in a lifeless house. Some hobbies include: - Hiking/bushwalking – I love to drive out to the many trails near Brisbane and enjoy the mint weather we have here. - Travelling – before the recent downturn I used to get away at least once a month, and frequently took time off work to travel overseas and backpack around. I can’t wait til this becomes a reality again. My most recent trip was to Mexico, and my next trip will be to NZ and the USA as soon as its possible. - Playing guitar and bass – I practice at home, but I don't play loudly if it would disturb someone in the house. I play through headphones to practice quietly during those times. Would love to jam along with housemates if they play any instruments! After years of living in small apartments I would like to move in to something bigger with more communal and outdoor space, so I’d prefer a house/townhouse to an apartment at this stage. I only have my bedroom furniture, but I can purchase appliances or other items required for the household. Three absolute essentials are air conditioning, own bathroom, and a car space of some sort. Happy to tell you more about myself - just message me to get the conversation going.

Available 24 July 2020