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Lane Cove North Share Accommodation



Early bird

$250/week23 year old male

Hi, my name is Josh! - I'm looking to move because my current landlord wants to sell the house I'm currently renting. I'll try to make this as comprehensive and transparent as possible so I can be a good roommate. :) ========== About my job/financial position ========== I'm a full time software engineer - I have a high-paying stable job and am working remotely during COVID so I will always be able to pay rent. I've also formerly worked as a kitchenhand, a highschool maths & science teacher, and a university tutor. ========== About my social demeanour ========== - I'm a chill quiet guy, I spend most of my time (especially now with covid going on) staying in my room on my computer. - I have a girlfriend, and while I will not be moving with her, I want whoever I'm staying with to be okay with her visiting me every now and then. - I don't mind chatting with flatmates every now and again, especially if we have common interests. I have a few interests and hobbies, including: anime, manga, gaming, cosplay/sewing, software/computers, gym routines, music (instruments and composition), and japanese (language). If we have some common interests I think we'll be great flatmates! ========== About my hobbies/other things around the house ========== - I like to sew, craft and 3d print for cosplay, though if my room is big enough (and I don't need too much space) I'll be able to keep all of this contained to just my room. I've been doing this for a while now, and I know how to keep things clean and tidy while crafting. - I also play various musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin) - just a heads up for if you don't like to have someone practising music around (of course, I'm reasonable about when I practice so rest assured I won't be practising at 2am at night). - I like to cook my own meals (so I prefer to have a kitchen) and I'm more than happy to share my cooking with others. - I'm a bit of a germophobe, I like things being very clean. Of course, I will do my part in keeping everything clean but that comes with the expectation that other flatmates will be clean and tidy as well. - I have a nintendo switch and a playstation 4. Im more than happy to put these in the living room or a common area and let flatmates play on them as well!

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