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$200/week23 year old male

I'm a very friendly and diligent 23-year-old currently pursuing 2 careers as a B. social sciences student in Uni Adelaide and a protégé musician/composer. I'm also currently looking for a part-time job so might be adding a 3rd career in the foreseeable future. I'm looking for a place in the southern suburbs around the South Brighton/Seacliff/Marino/Hallett Cove area. Ideally it would be a location where it is relatively less busy i.e. not too close to a loud pub or venue, so I can have peaceful weekend nights, while also fairly close to public transport so I can get around easily (as I currently don't drive). I've been both sober and caffeine-free for 2 years now for health reasons (but ain't gonna stop you from buying a drink or two, as long as you don't get too drunk!) and do not smoke either. I play and compose for clarinet, bass clarinet, sax & flute as my music career, so there'll be a fair bit of noise when I practise, though I always practise within a reasonable period of the day i.e. 10am to 10pm. I am very warm and thoughtful, and I firmly believe in treating those around me with respect and having their best interests at heart, as well as communicating with my flatmates & landlord to understand what their needs are so I can strive to fulfil them alongside my own. Despite having grown up outside Australia, there are no language barriers as English is one my 2 native languages, and having lived in Adelaide for 4.5 years I can navigate around fairly easily. I've also integrated into the local community pretty well, and have little trouble getting along with most people. For side hobbies I am a foodie, especially when it comes to Mediterranean/Italian/Middle-Eastern Cuisine, and love to learn and cook them, so decent-sized cooking facilities are ideal! I also love going out and about, especially being in areas close to the sea! I love socialising with others through deep conversations albeit also enjoy some alone time, and I tend to maintain a 50/50 balance between both. I love getting to know new people from various walks of life and learn new things from them, as life itself is a continuous learning process! *Although I've indicated below that the max. number of flatmates I'd like to have is 2, I wouldn't mind a maximum of 3 albeit such an option doesn't exist on this website. Looking forward to hear from you all!

Available 1 October 2020