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Early bird

$300/week30 year old female

I’m a chef who is currently out of work until my cafe re-opens (yay coronavirus!) and I'm looking for somewhere to move towards the inner west. I will be receiving government benefits so I'll still be able to rent so no stress! I'm also looking for something long term too but would prefer to sign a shorter lease in case we don't gel. This hasn't happened yet but it's always better to be safe and avoid any issues! :) I’ve always rented my own apartments so I do have my own furniture - a completely furnished room will not work for me as I will have nowhere to put my things. Like any typical hospo worker I enjoy going to the pub after I knock off and going out for food I don’t have to cook myself ;) I am a social person so I’d like to live in a place where I am able to have people over, and I’m more than comfortable for my housemates to have their friends over. I do like having my own personal space as well and am very respectful and considerate of others. I expect and hope for the same in return as I need enough rest to get through my physically demanding day job (once I return to it). I enjoy the odd gig every now and then and also clubbing so you’d have to be cool with me arriving home late. As I mentioned earlier though, I am considerate and will keep noise to a minimum. Also not opposed to parties/gathos as long as people are respectful of my things. I’m pretty easy going, friendly and laidback so if you are too we’ll get along just fine! LGBT+ friendly places only please! Also bonus points if you’re vego or vegan but I’m not too fussy or a jerk when it comes to that. 😅

Available 7 May 2020


Paulo Octavio

Early bird

$170/week25 year old male

Hey to you who's reading, how you doing? Good to know you are reading this because I would like to share a place with someone else, in this case, someone that already has a place and has a room available! So, for you to know, here are some features: I am proactive and willing to learn anything needed Organization is a must for me, rooms, bathroom and all the other rooms of the place must be clean and tidy, and I'm more than keen to help my flatmate with those tasks, as long as we properly share those tasks Since I make my own food, I normally use the kitchen to make my lunch and dinner meals and clean it afterwards I like to know the exact day to pay the bills / rent and keep them up to date. Also, I'm flexible with a lot of things, so let's just talk through and we will figure something out, no stubbornness or need to be hot headed at all. If you need the place to be quiet so you can focus to do your stuff, no worries too, I prioritize above all things that I have a good relation with you my flatmate. If for some reason you need the place for yourself please let me know beforehand so we can figure something out. ( example: having parents for dinner ) I come from a far far away land called Brazil, where we speak Portuguese, but I have a fluent English, so do not worry. NOW, for the cool stuff: If you like to talk, them no worries, I also like to talk about thousands of possible things and stuffs! ( but if you are not in the mood, no problem ) If you have friends that are coming over I will have no problem with that, we are sharing the place after all, but I would not mind meeting them if it's cool for you because I like meeting new people. ( The same applies for my friends ) Games ( boardgames and videogames ) are part of my human formation, also includes tv series, movies and of course, Netflix. So if you like that stuff, you've got a friend in me! R P G ! If you are into Dungeons and Dragons or any other systems, I've got you covered. ( maybe you need a DM who knows ) Music: Blues, Rock, Metal and Ethereal music. Art ( materials, watercolor or digital painting ) I enjoy and I paint too! ( more details below ) Now, if you have other stuff that you like and it's not listed here, please share with me, who knows maybe I will enjoy talking about it, I am also here for the experience to know other people and stuff. Example: I'm not so much fan of cross fit, but that does not mean I will end the subject if you start talking about it. In relation to the following things: Drinking - I do drink, but not as much, a good beer, spirits and some wine here and there, no problem. Smoking - Don't like it at all. Tattoos - One day I will have some! In relation to the room and me: I'm looking to have a room for myself, where I can have my own stuff and the things I need to work with, I'm building up my career to work as a Visual Artist, specially with traditional art media, so I need a table with all my materials, paintings and other related things. So when I work with that, it stays inside the room and nowhere else in the apartment / house. ( for yours sake specially, I don't want to literally make a mess in the apartment / house ) At the moment I work as a Retail Assistant at an Food Store, but in my free days I like to use most of the hours to dedicate to painting. ( It's 50% inside painting, 50% outside painting ) I guess that's all of it, sorry for the long text, but I would like you to know more about me so we can share the place together and specially and above all, respect for one another, you have your life and I have mine, but that does not mean we can't share about it, after all, we are gonna share the place. If there any doubts or questions, just message me and we can talk more. Thanks for taking your time to read, cheers!

Available 7 April 2020