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Charles Hamilton

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$200/week67 year old male

Active and fit. I am easy to get on with; have a relatively good education beginning with a BA in Modern Asian Studies & went from there to post-graduate study; currently studying History & Sociology part-time at GU. I have just returned from a four month trip couchsurfing around Europe and the Balkans. There are so many wonderful & interesting people out there. Life history includes 9 years at sea in both navy & merchant navy, farmer & export marketing consultant in China & Hong Kong (where I lived for 9+ years) & SE Asia and then working into the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany & Japan from Australia. Have also worked for a politician & as a research assistant. Life had been rather good to me overall and very interesting. I am a caring human being: abhor racists; accepting of difference across the board & love a good conversation. I enjoy the outdoors though having access to a bucket bath is a minimum requirement if out for days. I think 'clean' is the one thing I have taken from my time at sea - scarred for life maybe! Exercise is a given & my objective is to be the fittest corpse in the cemetery. Having almost died once I can vouch for reasonable fitness being something of a lifesaver. I want to go back on the farm to perhaps work with young people who can't afford to purchase their own place &/or disabled individuals utilising the holistic management system of regenerative farming. The industrial system is killing us & inimical to having even basic respect for other sentient beings. Apart from quiet and clean I have few other requirements of a place in which to live. I do have a dog but she doesn't have to live with me. However it would be good if possible.

Available 13 June 2020



Early bird

$250/week26 year old female

Hey there! I’m Rachel and I’m looking to team up with another amazing little family to share a home with my 9 month old daughter and I! If you’re a single person that just loves kids, I’m down for that too! Good vibes is my only request :) Also, happy to rent my own apartment if there’s anything available under 300! - Lease length is also flexible 6-12mo+ - Move Date can stretch a little, preferably by early July I’m a former professional trained dancer, coming to terms with the life of the ones who have settled down. It’s a big change flying all over the world performing with all different types of crazy amazing people, to being at home growing a mini-me pretty much 27/4. But I’m excited for this new chapter and I would love to find a great person to share this new journey with somewhat (not all the time! We need our own space too) and create a happy home environment for all of us to thrive in. I’m a laidback person who enjoys good banter, good food and has a strange but great range of other interests: dancing, gaming, stock trading, the outdoors on a sunny day! And ofcourse giggling away with my daughter. In regards to life at home and living arrangements, I’m big on upfront communication. I would much rather we tackle the issue, no matter how small, earlier rather than never. So if you’re a sensitive soul who can’t handle friendly confrontation, or won’t approach me with your issues, this probably isn’t the right pairing for you unfortunately. I’m looking for a house/apartment where each of us will have our own space, definitely our own bathrooms, love a modern kitchen, and would need an area that is child safe. In the middle of looking for the right daycare, possibly 2-3 days a week, but will need to know where I’m living before I can decide! Looking to start studying accounting and bookkeeping in July, and doing extra performing arts training to get back into the workforce again part time. In the meantime I’m on gov payments, and I have a few different investments with some providing income regularly. Chuck me a message if you’re interested in searching for a dope modern house together :) and feel free to ask any questions!!

Available 20 June 2020