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CJ & Loretta

CJ and Loretta

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$360/week21-32 year old man and woman

Hi, forgive the dot point formatting • My mates call me CJ, otherwise, it’s generally Chris, or Christopher! whenever I’m in trouble. • Early 30’s • I work full-time as a fire protection engineer • Hobbies include gaming, watching UFC, riding my MTB, working my way through all that’s available locally on uber eats, and maintaining my bonsai/cacti/succulent collection. That said I’m open-minded and can throw myself at almost anything so long as it’s done with good company. • Just in case someone’s enjoying/relaxing to the peace and quiet, I’d say I come across as a relatively quiet unless spoken to type of person. That said, I’m always eager to chat, am thick-skinned and have no taboo topics. • Mum went and brought a new place unbeknownst to everyone else. (Which is 2 doors down from her granddaughter). Thus my parents have recently sold their home. • The boss / my mum has told me her plan is to renovate the place she’s brought, part of which will involve the addition of a studio being built above a garage. • Which leaves me trying to find a place within the next month. • I’m currently looking around the Whitehorse & Manningham area’s because I’m familiar with the area after having grown up in Templestowe. Any of the suburbs within those areas, as well as anything in between them and the CBD work for me. • I have a car but find it easier to just jump on a bus and have that take me into the city for work. • The Room, furnished or not doesn’t matter to much. • I’m after a large enough bedroom to comfortably fit a queen-sized bed and a computer desk. • I want to either have my own ensuite / private bathroom. • Either evaporative cooling and/or aircon. • Somewhere I can trust my belongings are safe, whether that’s because I can rest assured in having trustworthy housemates or because I’m somewhere where I’ll have a lock on the door, I’m not to fussed. I have the utmost respect for other peoples privacy and personal belongings, in the hope it'll work both ways. E.g. in the case of the last share house I lived in, my ex and I had the whole upstairs attic, for which their was no door, which was never a problem simply because the other 5 housemates knew/know they’ve a loyal friend in me. • As I said earlier I’ve got the next month to find a place, but I’m ready this week. • Have my rent money and bond money good to go. • 100% you’ll always receive my rent before the due date. • I’ve been told duration wise, that with the renovations they’ve got planned, that I’ll be a 10-12 month stay. • Anyone that’s been to my parents place would know that my mum’s a clean freak and being my mother’s son, you can rest assured some of that has definitely rubbed off on me, and I’ve no problem contributing to household chores of the common areas. • While my mum would probably tell you otherwise lol ;) My previous landlord would tell you that I was quiet, clean, honest & a respectful tenant. I don’t know what else to say, other than sharing with you the self-confidence I have, in that of all your potential picks you may have for future housemates… I’m the best. 🤜🤛 *fistbump* for reading this far Will hopefully be hearing from you. ✌️ CJ.

Available 31 May 2022