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$180/week31 year old female

* introvert who loves people, working on extending the short social meter (covid isolation did me zero favours). * weird sense of humour, not political, not a sports person, but a big car nerd. * tidy, resource conscious, respectful, genuine, conscientious, very cautious not to make too much noise! * looking for a home with friends, rather than a place to hide away in my room. * former mechanic, now a desk wench in the Automotive industry. Working from home but returning to the office soon. * important to note: I have TWO cars, in case that matters. One is a company vehicle, the other is my personal car. * my hobbies include making silly edits of mine and my friends’ pets, catching up with friends, drinking craft beer (either at home or with said friends), relaxing in front of the TV/computer, and listening to music. * currently living with 36/M but it’s not working out between his dog and my dogs. More on that later... ————————————————————————- ABOUT MY DOGS: (@goodboymorty on insta) Morty: * 5 year old desexed greyhound, adopted. * friendly, happy, lazy, lovely boy. * does not need much space or exercise! * can usually be found snoozing in bed, on the couch, or on the floor. * doesn’t beg for food at meal times. * loves people and will push his head into your leg for scritches, but also respects your need for space if you tell him to go away. * just a really, really good dog. Chicken: * 6ish year old desexed chihuahua, rescued. * sweet little girl who had a rough start to life. * can be found right beside Morty, he’s her emotional support buddy. * won’t just sit on the couch, but on a pile of pillows on the couch, if available. She’s Hans Christian Andersen’s Pea Princess IRL. * fearful but loves attention, the latter always wins over. She warms up to new people easily. * is very popular with my friends, they all want to steal her from me. I get offended because Morty is just as worthy of theft. :( * (I would never let anyone steal either of them) Both: * very well socialised and attend Pet Expos with me, also accompany me to my favourite drinking establishments with my friends. * prefer to hang out inside with me during the day and sleep in my bed at night, but they stay outside while I’m out of the house. * not destructive, not diggers, not nuisance barkers. * great with other dogs HOWEVER (and this is the reason I’m leaving my current place) we currently live with a third very BIG and PUSHY Great Dane mix who is absolutely fixated on trying to play with (or eat?) Chicken. This dog has no doggy manners and gets far too rough trying to play with tiny Chicken and will end up hurting her if I’m not around to intervene, so we are bouncing.

Available 6 February 2021