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$300/week25 year old male

HI! I'm Sam. I’m a 26 year old Aussie guy who has just moved to Melbourne to work full time for a renewable energy startup which I am absolutely stoked about! I'm accepting of all religions, races and sexualities. I’m tidy, respectful, well travelled and love music (playing and listening), art (painting badly), food (cooking or going out), playing sports, meditation, nature and reading I'm easy to live with and clean up after myself always. Non-Smoker. If you want to have your partner over or some mates then no worries, your friends are my friends and it's all about communication and mutual respect. I'm friendly and love forming connections with new people, I really want to live in a house that respects eachothers needs for space and alone time when needed, but feels like a family and a real home where we can hang out and enjoy eachothers company if we have time. Whether that’s a drink, a meal and board games at home or heading out with a crew for a gig and a boogie. I’ve previously managed a cocktail bar so can whip up anything tasty you’d like to drink. I tried to learn cooking skills from every place I lived around the world so can whip up ripping dishes of almost any cuisine too, and love to cook family dinners for the home team. I live an active social life but am also disciplined in pursuit of my goals and definitely enjoy quiet time. I will always respect your space and privacy too. I have a green thumb and will definitely bring a lot of good vibes and plant life to any space. Let me know if you're keen :)

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$200/week29 year old female

My name is Asia (to say it correctly please read it as Asha) and I'm 29 years old. I've just came back to Melbourne after 4 months living in Cairns (I moved there so I could extend my stay in Australia). I love living in Melbourne and that's why I am searching for a new place for myself which I can call home. ~~~~ At the moment I stay in Brunswick and I will need to move out 8 of March (please take it into consideration that I do not need a room before that time). I like Northern suburbs, especially: Brunswick, Northcote, Thornbury, Preston, Coburg, Fitzroy because most of my friends and all other activities are there. I would love to find a shared house with few other people (preferably 2-3), which have similar vibes to me. So how I imagine my ideal place? With a garden,a common space, in good general condition, not messy, not overloaded with things and some place to park my car. My room: big enough and with a lot of sun (I would take care of the rest). Please- note that I'm searching for a room in a house (not apartment), in Northern suburbs (not CBD, not South), it cannot be small or dark. ~~~~ About me: I am working in finance, but beside that I enjoy doing different kind of sports (yoga, acro yoga, aerial hoop), dancing (Zouk, fusion belly dance), playing with some toys (LED whip, learning hula hoop). I love to travel, meet new people and go to music festivals. At the same time I am very organised (huge fun of Microsoft Excel) and responsible - trying to be the best version of myself (spirituality, self-development, meditations, all self-improvement audiobooks). I want to be as much creative as possible and I would love to be living with creative people! Most of my time I spend outside and I'm always very busy, but it's important for me to have my own clean space where I can rest after the busy day. I am very social and honest person. I come from Poland (speak Polish, English, French). I search for a place where I can have good connection with my flatmates, so we can share sometimes food/wine or watch movies together. I would prefer to live with working people, where everyone respects each other space and where we can create something beautiful together. I love animals, especially cats. Because in my last years I traveled so much, I started to appreciate being tidy and clean - I believe my surrounding has a big impact on my life and actually the way you live says a lot about your personality/mental state. I don't smoke cigarettes and prefer vegetarian/vegan food. Please let me know if you might have something suitable for me and you think I could be a good match for you :))) Asha

Available 1 March 2020