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Early bird

$190/week26 year old female

HEYYOOOOOOOOO I enjoy exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and don't drink alcohol*! Perfect room mate right here! *not factually correct (the alcohol part). Looking to move in to a place or form a group to team up! 😊 I'm an easy going, laid back lady who has been stood down from her regular Travel Marketing position because of the rona (that sonofabitch). Geeeenerally I would have a full time job in marketing 8-5 Mon-Fri. My move in date is VEEEERY flexible - it's important to me to find the right place and the right time so pls be patient/apologies in advance. I like to chill out and meet new people. I am always down for a beverage and would love a relaxed place to live where I can still have my own space - or even just sit together reading! I would love to find flatmates (girls and/or boys) to make friendships with rather than just a house mate but still have a life and friendship groups outside of the house!! Not looking for a quiet, study house, but definitely not a massive party house. A good balance would be perfection but I have a loud voice and laugh so if you don't like noise at all...I am definitely not your person ahha. I enjoy cycling, healthy eating, gym, hiking, dogs, cats, really any and all animals, and would love to start living a bit more sustainably in a house (apartment living is tough and cramped). WOOOOOOO I am vegan but have lived with a meat eater for two and a half years so don't mind that, although would be a plus if you're vego or vegan as well. Definitely not a deal breaker - I just want to find a good fit and great people to live with! NON NEGOTIABLES HEHE - air conditioning - looking for a house only - i'm retiring from apartment living for a while - backyard and/or great patio or deck area. just somewhere to be outside enjoying the sun and surroundings - just genuinely nice and fun people

Available 30 June 2020