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Charlotte & Samantha


Charlotte and Samantha

Early bird

$200/week25-27 year old females

Hey future housemates! We are Charlotte (25) and Samantha (27), two fab friends looking to live in a share house with some other beautiful not-for-long strangers! We are available to move in ASAP. We moved to Melbourne from the Sunshine Coast almost a year ago and have been housemates in Northcote. We have decided to move out of our current home (due to a break up) and are hoping we can still live together as we work really well as housemates! A little bit about us… We’re both creative people with a thirst for travel…the kind that involves backpacks, hiking, sleeping in train stations, eating and drinking with the locals, navigating oceans, harvesting crops, walking across countries. We share a love for music, yoga, long walks in wild places, the ocean, sunbathing, socialising, drinking delicious wine and eating delicious foods and going to the occasional gig/having a good ol’ boogie sesh! Of course, we both need moments of solitude, which is when Charlotte would read a book, write a poem, strum her guitar, get her sketchbook out, maybe take a drive to the beach for some of that delicious cleansing brine. Sam would get on her sewing machine and whip up a whole new outfit, practise yoga, go for a long walk, meditate, sunbathe, read, work on the garden or whip up a mouth-watering Dahl! We both love to cook, especially for people and especially if it involves a lovely bottle of wine, some good music and great chats. We are platter masters, often whipping up an epic cheeseboard or chip n dip platter to graze on while we bask in the sunshine and raise philosophical questions/contemplate the meaning of life. We rarely smoke (unless we’re out and a few beers in), but don’t mind if others do. Charlotte rarely eats meat (occasionally seafood) and Sam is a vegetarian. Charlotte was studying Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne but is taking time off to save for a few overseas trips and to focus on a couple of music projects. She sings and writes songs but is (a little too) shy when it comes to her songs so she can assure you she’ll be waiting till no one’s home before she whips out the guitar! If you've got a musical bone in your body that's a huge plus as she hopes to start collaborating more with people! We’re both politically left and religiously neutral (if not perhaps a little spiritually inclined and perpetually curious about the wonders of the universe). We are friends with people from all walks of life, we do not judge, we are enormously supportive of equality, we care deeply about others while taking care of ourselves and the environment. We are both highly independent, and understand our responsibilities both as tenants and as housemates. We ALWAYS change the loo roll, wipe down the shower, and the stovetop, and take out the trash, etc etc…let’s just say we’re house trained! We are both clean freaks and take a lot of pride in our separate spaces, whilst also having the utmost respect for other people’s spaces! We’re both motivated hospo workers, currently working in cafes and bars. Neither of us have ever found it difficult to find work, and always stay in our jobs for long periods of time given our initiative and hard-working attitudes, so you can be assured rent and bills will be paid on time, every time! We both have a car to get to the ocean and bicycles to get around locally. Oh, and Charlotte’s a Pisces, Sam is a Scorpio (if you’re into that kinda thing!) We are available to move in ASAP. Thank you for taking the time to read this rather elaborate brochure of us! Charlotte’s number is 0475910004 if you’d like to get in touch to arrange a meeting in person! Hope to hear from you soon!

Available 1 February 2020




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$190/week47 year old male

Hi, I'm looking for a medium size room in a house that is happy, healthy and united in shared values. A home that everyone comes home to and sighs with relief that it's time to restore and get what they need for the next day. I'm actively engaged in my life passions and relationships and feel at home in a house of caring individuals attending to their work and who genuinely enjoy sharing a place with each other. I bring to a share house a natural consideration for others, keenness for harmony and communication, attention to the house needs and respect for everyone's specific needs. If a home has this set up already, I feel I will naturally fit in well. A house that feels cleaned and cared for, with an awareness of others in the space sharing facilities, feels pretty good to me too. I'm currently working on a book and will be adding further studies to my load next year, so am seeking a quiet room in a house to sleep well and be able to get into my work if I'm around home. I'm out of the house a lot, with library visits for working and study, swim and gym several times a week, volunteer work at PBS radio, some nights away at my partner's, and generally do my socialising out in the world and come home to restore. Basically, I'd love a home with genuine good will towards each other, respect for space and boundaries, a caring sense of responsibility towards the house and each other, a place where everyone naturally does this and therefore it is effortless. If you have this, you will know what I mean, and when you have it you generally want to keep it going. Send me a message if you have a listing you think I may be a good fit for, or have any questions. Thanks, Justin

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