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$200/week24 year old woman

Hi Potential Housemates, I am a friendly, quiet, and tidy individual looking for a safe place to live short term, for 3 months. I am casually employed ( part time to full times hours) as PSA/ cleaner at Flinders Private Hospital; it would be great to live somewhere close by if possible. Outside of work I mainly focus on resting, cooking and cleaning, self care, and my hobbies ( mainly arts and crafts type stuff like sewing and card making). Structure is a big help to me when living with others. Mainly around weekly and monthly cleaning and gardening, as well as shared areas such as kitchen and bathroom use. This is mainly for my own reference so I can know I’m meeting expectations and also so I am not in anyone’s way or using these areas If others need them more. I will mainly be cooking using an instant pot for convenience. I’m Autistic, I don’t find it easy to write about myself. So instead I thought I would make a list of some things I could bring to the table as a good housemate: - Loves doing the dishes, I find it relaxing - Has Chom Chom for easy pet hair removal - Loves Cats and doggos etc - Has wool shaver if you ever want to freshen up your woollen garments - Will make you a cup of tea and offer biscuit if you are sad - Good at folding/ organising towels and linen so they fit well in cupboards/ storage - Mindful of power consumption - Can cook/ bake good food sometimes - Can make room freshener and homemade V.I.Poo style spray to help save money Look forward to hearing from you if you think we could be a good fit :)

Available 27 August 2022

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