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$200/week25 year old female

Looking anywhere north of the eastern but south of the ring road - pretty flexible! Me (24, F) and my dog Tobias (1, M) are on the hunt for a queen size room with my own bathroom (preferably, but I'm flexible on this) in a pet friendly house that has a bit of a backyard. We've given our 4 weeks notice at our current place, so wanting to move before the end of Feb. More than happy to join a lease, or start a new one! Budget up to $200 a week or $240 for my own bathroom excl bills To save you reading the novel below, both me and Toby are clean, friendly and respectful and enjoy watching sports over a bev! We have two solid incomes between us (both from me) and Toby will definitely keep you entertained with his antics! About me: A country kid at heart, I moved to Melbourne from Gippsland about 6 years ago to study. I graduated with a Bachelor of Youth Work/Sport and Rec Management in 2017 and am currently 'writing a paper' in my spare time with plans to publish and return to do my Masters. I call it a work in progress but in reality it's more untouched than the Veronicas in 2007. Instead, I'm devoting my university education to the hospitality industry, employed full time on a rotating roster - 2 days and 2 nights each week. A glutton for punishment, I also pick up an extra night shift or two each week at a different venue. While there's never going to be a worry about me affording rent/bills, I do sleep at some odd times (with ear plugs so you don't have to tiptoe around my room, don't stress!) and will appreciate a household who gets shiftwork. Aside from sleeping, I take Toby for walks at least once a day (before I leave for work). When I do have free time, I enjoy pub visits and dog adventures or a cheeky combo of the two. As a retired cricketer, I enjoy watching grass grow and paint dry, but also down for whatever sport is going. Have been known to have two TVs playing side by side to watch the footy and cricket! As a housemate I'm considerate, tidy and respectful and expect the same from others. I've previously lived the sharehouse life and loved the friendships I developed. I even went to the effort of a matching tattoo with one of my old housemates and I feel that's a pretty good testament to my housemate skills! I come with a cute doggo, a large fridge, 6 seater dining table, 60in TV and stand, as well as my own desk/bookcase/bedroom furniture. About Tobias (the cute doggo): Tobias when he's in trouble, Toby Bryant all other times 🏀 Inside/outside doggo. 1yr old border collie cross so he is way too smart for his own good and sassy af. Known to throw temper tantrums if you tell him off and enjoys a good wrestle. Toilet trained, basic obedience + a few cool tricks and mostly well behaved - will bark at people walking past the fence, but a backyard avoids this. Not a chewer of human property, but you will be employed by him to hold his chew toys while he chews - he's upset that he wasn't born with thumbs. Most of my spare time is spent making sure he's not annoying by taking him for walks before and after work. Sleeps inside in his kennel (see: my bed) most nights, but if I'm on night shift he'll happily sleep in his big kennel outside until I come home, then he'll chill with me while I sleep. If he's inside during the day he'll mostly be asleep. If nobody is home or you dont want him to bother you he will happy be outside whatever the weather. He's flexible with his feeding times to fit around my schedule so you'll never have to worry about feeding him. We will come with our own chest freezer as Toby is raw fed and I make large batches once a month or so - Vegos/Vegans please keep this in mind! Happy for others to take him on walks, also happy for you to not interact with him if you don't want to. Overall he's a pretty chill dude and will win over even the toughest skeptic with his antics. If you've made it to the end and think me and Toby could be the great housemates you've been looking for, please get in touch for a chat!

Available 5 March 2020


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$280/week41 year old female

Hey Guys! Me: Want: Team Up or to join an Already existing share house ... I am wanting to get a place in RESERVOIR, PRESTON, FAIRFIELD or Heidelberg Heights (or any of the suburbs mentioned in my “preferred locations” bit, THAT DOES NOT MEAN THOMASTOWN/LALOR/MILL PARK/SOUTH MORANG SORRY. I AM ONLY INTERESTED IN living with 1 OTHER PERSON maybe 2 OTHERS - SO 3 in TOTAL (MAXIMUM) and NO COUPLES. NEED OWN BATHROOM AND LOCK UP GARAGE (maybe negotiate an OFF STREET CAR PORT) and SOME SPACE IN KITCHEN TO PUT A SMALL AMOUNT OF KITCHEN STUFF, THANK YOU 😊 I am a: 41 y/o female, I WORK IN NORTHCOTE (as a florist/retailer) ..bit of a night owl, but very quiet after 10pm...well seasoned in terms of living with other people, I don’t bang doors and I communicate and let others know in advance what is going on (EG: do you mind if I put this really noisy blender on for 60 seconds or shall i wait til the ad break?) I respect other people’s space and take pride in keeping a clean and well organised home/household. I work casual, approx 25-45 hours p/week including almost every weekend. My life is mostly made up of: work and cleaning, meal preps, gym training, more cleaning, washing, eating, sleeping.... basically: eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. (My nickname is "li'l miss busy" but I will endeavour to make the time to chat to you! of course! I like to think I'm quite friendly :)) Need own bathroom and 1 off street car parking spot. (oh, and budget: $225 - $280 MAXXXXX per my portion of the rent so I guess, together, we are looking at a property that is around the $450-$575 a week mark..a 2-3 bedroom place with two bathrooms ..that would be my preference) Moreover, If you have a pet that could be ok, depends on the pet, so, negotiable. I do not have a pet, although I wouldn't mind a pair of bunny rabbits again if it's the right circumstances. If you are a smoker: then outdoor smoker only. Ok - here's hoping to creating a successful "team up" Current Mood: positive :)

Available 17 March 2020