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$250/weekβ€’53 year old female

Seeking a Female Companion. Non Smoker with Heart n Soul for Happy Humble Home Share. Someone willing and happy to compromise & communicate. I prefer quiet peaceful mornings & nights. No Industrial or Electronic noise. Just the sound of Nature or Music of the Meditation sort with the odd 60s 70s 80s 90s muso thrown in 😜 Seeking 1 other Mature Aged Human like myself for Long Term Home Share. I'm a young at heart 53 year old self reliant Hermit looking for pet friendly animal lovers as I have 3 medium x breeds who (share my sleeping space) Therefore they are clean as clean can be. Ages 17. 15 and 5. House Trained & Friendly. We love our Green Green Grass & Manicured Gardens. Me.. Quiet. If I'm cold. I'll wear a jumper. If I'm hot I'll wear a T. Short showers. Long Walks. Keep switches (off) due to many years of living alone and saving where I can 😊 I can cook but mostly I graze throughout the day So none of those nasty cooking smells or burnt pots lingering around in the Kitchen πŸ‘ I have a Green Thumb. I don't smoke. I'm not a Drinker. Defiantly not a Gambler. I'm not a Wally with Utilities & I expect the same in return. Someone smarter than the average Bear 🐻 Wise enough to know better. But not silly enough to go without πŸ˜‰ My Pets... They don't jump. They don't dig. They are by my side 24-7. We just chill around the home. I wouldn't want them running around loose while I'm at work. They are friendly with other Pets. Even us Humans need to adjust when making new friends. Security for all is a must. I'm an Empath who's Thoughtful. Caring. Sharing. Quite. Humble. Enjoys Fun n Games. Self reliant. Easy going. No Stress. No Drama. No Fuss. Can Do Attitude. Dependable. Honest. Trustful. Will not tolerate Negative Whining Bantering if any sort. Occasional venting is ok. We're only Human after all 🀣 I work Part Time as a Pathology Courier 6 days a week in Heidelberg going on 17yrs now. Start 4pm. I sleep in. Colour In. Play In. Pay Bill's on time. Potter about. And when this BS has passed I'll be back at the Parks n Beaches with more Gratitude πŸ’– I enjoy Conspiracy Theories & SciFi. Hoping to find a nice house mate & or no greedy landlord with hidden agendas. Those users & abusers of my good hearted nature. Saving money is nice but having a good decent honest loyal person to share life with is much better. I prefer Black or White. No Grey in between unless it's the Colours of a Rainbow 🌈 Laughter etc I don't like technology noise 24-7 as I find this atmosphere stressing and frustrating. I like Incense Candles and Crystal's. Music to Soothe the Soul. I enjoy Conspiracy theories. Crystals. Mind Body Spirit Healing. I'm Independent. Resourceful. I enjoy watching the odd Movie. English Comedies. Sci Fiction. Not N2 Reality TV. I'm not hard core religious. More like a bit of everything. I have a good heart that's the main thing β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜‡ I'm Spiritual. Believing what U put out U get back πŸ’– I'm N2 all things Positive. I mostly keep to myself going about my own business. Not bothering anyone. Happy to socialise or not. Like everyone else I'm just doing my best day by day. Step by step. Happy to lend a helping hand were needed. Sharing home duties πŸ˜‡ especially in the kitchen, bathroom & laundry. I expect others to their share in home cleaning duty dept πŸ’ƒ Have carpet? I'll pay for protection. Need a fence? I'll pay for removable chook wire. I'll pay for Doggy Doors. It's not about the money. It's about Peace of Mind. Nothing is impossible! Only that! which we set for ourselves πŸ˜‰ I don't follow AFL, Politics or Cricket. Happy to partake in light hearted banter. Call it what you want. It is what it is 😜 I'm a light sleeper. I mostly catch up with my Zzzz later in the day before work. It's called (Nana Napping) lol I rarely have friends over. Any noise you hear will be my singing. I enjoy harmless dumb fun. Daggy dancing. Water Balloon fights in Summer. Winter Movies. Game nights. Pleasant simple living with good honest DTE company πŸ’–πŸ• So there you have it. Cheers Jamie πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ 🌈 πŸ•

Available 27 May 2020



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$190/weekβ€’40 year old female

+++ Looking to move in within a month or two +++ Hello lovely people! I'm a Japanese national starting a 1-year course β€”which will be onlineβ€” soon. (Already based in Melbourne. Been living in Victoria since April 2019. No interstate/international trip meanwhile.) Amid this 'immensely unusual' situation we're all facing, I'm fully aware of the importance of social distancing and respect your health and wellbeing. I'm also experienced in house sitting and share-house life, (very) clean, tidy, and economical. My current profession is Marketing Assistant (copywriting, localisation, SEO, etc.) and I work from home. I also run improv workshops I design and develop specifically to promote mental and emotional wellbeing. (It's FUN! β€” though no physical workshop held at the moment.) WHAT I LOVE: β€’ Cooking (some dietary restrictions, but nothing severe) β€’ Chatting (definitely extrovert) β€’ Music (Listener, not a player) β€’ Art (used to be an artist and held a couple of shows) LOOKING FOR A PLACE THAT IS: β€’ Clean (Allergic to dust and mould) β€’ Smoke-free β€’ Strong chemical free (Happy to share my recipes for skin care or green cleaning stuff) β€’ Cat-free (I love them, but I'm allergic to them) β€’ Close to public transport * I need to give 3 weeks notice to leave my current place. * I'm after a private room. Feel free to message me for any questions you may have. I'll be happy to chat before inspection, too. Thank you! :)

Available 29 April 2020