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$250/week34 year old man

Italian born and raised, reborn in Brighton (England), roamed Europe + South East Asia just before the world stopped and basically stuck in Gold Coast during the craziest time of our life. Moving to Brisbane to follow the flow of life, and find a community I resonate with. Seeking a home filled with soul and good people. You'll find me journaling at the table, experimenting with vegetarian dishes in the kitchen, mixing tracks at night in my headphones. Drawn to those who have self awareness, investigators of human experience, kind hearted, artists, poets and dreamers. Lgbtqia+ friendly, obviously. Flexible on dates, set and settings. Looking for the right place and not just a temporary fix. Some random things I Like: candle lights sharing spaces harmonically in the house real conversations Spontaneous hangouts Ebbs and flow of a house filled with life but also quiet and peaceful waking up with the natural light friends family music Expanding my boundaries, my consciousness a clean kitchen and bathroom fairness I believe a Home should be a peaceful island from the storm of everyday life, where people can be themselves while respecting everyone spaces and flows, recharging, connecting, learning. I value direct and specific feedback, verbal communications and a handwritten note over txt messages, groups chat. I like a clean space, natural light, wooden floors, plants. Gemini. I'm very easy to live with, adaptable, quick learner. Allergic to cats :(

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