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$190/week24 year old woman

Hi I’m Sarah, I aimed to answer the FAQ of housemate questions, to help short list if your homophobic or something, so please if you have any more questions or want to clarify let me know. I’m well share-house trained and have lived with both social houses and houses where people keep to themselves, and I don’t mind either way. WORK I work as a permanent part time Speech Pathologist (Monday's off) working for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider with both kids and adults. Office based in Moonee Ponds, but I drive to clients houses too, so I need a reliable car space! *If I applied for your place yes, I can afford it without becoming broke I hard core spread sheet my budgét. WORK WEEK I keep it pretty chill. TV shows and movies, going out for dinner, typically fun pyjamas or some form of lounge wear on as soon as I get home. First scene of American Psycho Patrick Bateman skincare etc I can reside to bed around 10-11 and I fall asleep to history or all forms of science documentaries. My brain is so so full of knowledge that I get to use 1% of the time. HOBBIES/INTERESTS ETC Travelling, gardening (if you have one my Mondays will become Burt’s backyard) and keeping care of house plant bois, unqualified hair colourist (thanks brad mondo), I’m very close with my family, all my friends live inner city Melbourne and there’s often something on during the weekend or I’ll just do something chill with them. I love nature; camping, hiking, the beach, the bush, star gazing whatever. I will transport spiders for you lol. I’m a big movie buff, yet still haven’t seen classics because I’m “not in the right mood”. I like going out for a drinky, but most of all I love delicious fine foods lol. I also love cooking and will cook for you, I just don’t cook for myself (cooking for people is a love language/ or please submit a lunch order). I love fine art and my music taste is all over the shop. I love a massive range of music so I find this Q hard it ranges from, 80s David Bowie and talking heads, to the prodigy, Dolly Parton then we go yung lean and Tyler the creator (wow she’s so unique for having different music tastes). TV show wise, I love it’s always sunny, curb your enthusiasm, anything matt berry related, loved fleabag but admittedly I also can love trash like Emily in Paris (I’m only human). I’m also a strict recycler. MY GENERAL PERSONALITY • I’m extroverted, but I’m also just sleepy, this can be confused with being an introvert. • I try to give the upmost respect and tolerance of people’s opinions and beliefs, and I’m very happy to be hypothetically slapped down and edumacated if need be. • I’m bi so I can’t really be living with people that aren’t cool with that, plus I vape and occasionally outside of the home I do illicit substances (usually if offered for free by a friend) and I typically order a double gin and soda with lime in a short glass. Yes mum, I AM going to hell! • I’ve been through ~ a lot ~ medically and emotionally throughout my life and I’ve worked on myself a lot, so I’d say I’m very switched on despite the above and I come off (a bit*) more mature than I seem. • I have a very very sarcastic dry sense of humour. I often forget to change my tone around new people so if I say something like “I love Putin” I probably mean it in a sarcastic way. Not much of what I say is not a joke to be honest. I’m also very theatrical lmao I will tell out drawn out stories that are actually jokes and you’ll get mad at me but they will (hopefully be) funny. • I’m super empathetic, comes with the nature of my work/lived experience and I offer help to people if I read they are upset etc, but always give space if you don’t want to chat! • All about open communication and conflict resolution, I’m easily approachable, patient, go with the flow and adapt to change (I’m we’ll share house trained, used to living with dif ages/strict food allergies/needs and respecting religious beliefs + unrelated but I’m a clean freak). • A fire sign if it matters x

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Ellie & Lily

Ellie and Lily

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$575/week24 year old women

Hi! We're looking for someone to join us in looking for a place in the Footscray/ Flemington/ Moonee Ponds area. We are looking to move around early August and we would love to get a coffee so we can get to know you and we can all decide if we'd be a good fit! We are looking for someone who: - Is okay with having a dog in the house most days (not allowed on furniture or in bedrooms, well trained) - Can contribute evenly to household chores - Can work with our budget of $575/pw (approx. $830 each pm or less) ABOUT US Ellie: I'm 24 year old gal studying teaching part-time and work part-time as a teacher aide. I love movies and TV, wide variety of music, books and podcasts and would love get to know my housemates. I like things to be clean and fairly organised but I'm not a neat freak. I tend to clean regularly due to my dog, just to stay on top of it. Appreciate considerate people who do things to contribute and help other housemates out, as I try to do for my housemates. Not to toot my own horn but I'm a dang good cook and love sharing my creations with others in the house often. I've lived with housemates for three years now so I'm thoroughly house-trained. I have a one and a half year old German Shepherd dog named Perdy. She is very friendly but will raise an alarm if there is an intruder by barking, which she has done when my house was *almost* broken into a couple months ago. Very affectionate and great with other dogs too :) Lily: I am 24 years old and go by the pronouns She/Her. I just finished my law degree and plan to look for a full time job in a community organisation/NFP, but currently working in admin. In my spare time, I go to a lot of gigs, explore new restaurants, watch a lot of films and hang with my friends. I love music and dogs, so super down for a chat about it or anything really. I am super clean, love to be organised and also will respect your privacy if you want alone time, as I too like my own time. Other than that, happy to help around and share the love through home-cooked meals! This is my first time moving out officially but I have lived outside of home for a few years now. Now having had graduated, I want to live in a space that is thriving and would like to learn more about different things from new people. I would prefer to live with 3 people in total. If you are interested, I would love to organise a coffee date and chat :)

Available 3 August 2022