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$150/week35 year old woman

Greetings, I am an Australian British Asian (she/her), working as a private ESL tutor and also in the health industry, assisting Occupational Therapists with professional development and training. I have travelled around the world during my youth and have spent the past 10 years living in Melbourne in a share house. So I'm very well house trained, know how to communicate, take care of the house, clean up after myself, and pay bills on time but not OCD, just general good community mindedness. I'm looking for a long-term place I can call home with people I feel I can trust, respect and feel at ease with. I'm easy-going with all age groups as I have a regular group of friends from the ages of 21 to 72 that I either hike with, have dinner parties with, have BBQs with or go to outdoor events with. I find I get on with all ages if there is a common interest and there is a level of mutual respect. Therefore, I’m more interested in the people and creating a peaceful, harmonious and cosy home with where we can be ourselves and feel that free to be creative but also be okay with bringing guests home for sleepovers, dinner parties or late night philosophical chats with a hot cacao (away from sleeping housemates). Compassion, independence and respect are values I look for. I also love pets and find them to be great companions. I am an ambivert which means I am social but I also need my alone time to recharge. Looking for a place with a mostly Zen vibe during the workdays and some social vibes on the other days. I love music, singing, play acoustic folk guitar (at reasonable hours), gardening, hiking, camping, cycling, cooking, reading, writing, meditation, yoga, qigong, and outdoor adventures. I volunteer as a hike guide for a Victorian hiking association so I spend most weekends away camping. Housemates are welcome to join us! I also work at a well-being/meditation retreat from time to time as a well-being coach and trauma-informed practitioner. I also have a musician, singer, artist and writer side. Love creative people! I would say I have a positive, kind and friendly personality. I am self-sufficient, reliable and like to check-in with people when wafting in out of communal spaces. I’m also a type who loves hosting dinner parties or BBQ’s with board games and like to invite housemates to join in on the fun! I love cooking mostly Indian and Asian food, also I know how to cook vegan and gluten free meals. I'm not a vegan but a flexitarian who mostly eats a wholefood plant based diet with the odd meat dish and happy for others to eat whatever they like. I don't have a lot of furniture so won't be bringing anything to the house other than my personal belongings and some bedroom furniture. I don't smoke, no pets, no allergies to pets. Prefer housemates to not smoke and to have jobs, who like to kick back rather than get high in the evenings. :) I am flexible with move in dates. Happy to sign contracts and pay bond etc. If I sound like I could be a good fit, would love to chat either in person or by Zoom. Thanks, Anna :)

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