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$240/week28 year old man

Hi, my name is Rich. I'm bearded, male, 28 years of age, him/he. I'm looking for a place somewhere just outside of Sydney, the inside sounds like a caged battle from where i stand. I hail from the Adelaide Hills, I've been living along the Sapphire coast for the past 6 months, working as a chef up to 7 years now. I'm 'going out bush' & taking a break for a few months to work for the tree-planting company, Timber-wolf. Arwhoo! (Insert Richard Nixon impression) ....While studying a bachelors in Psychology online & integrating into that. I've always liked the hot-seat, hearing about peoples problems, asking questions like 'why?', getting to the root, mirroring the things they say, seeing how it plays out Understanding those steps in a certain order is pretty interesting to me. So i am focused on people, but enjoy my distance to reflect. We all have problems, solutions; blind-spots. We all seem a little crazy, you may be inclined to wonder; rolling in the deep somewhere: keeping ourselves and each other in check when we can; using the tools provided and trying our hands at developing new ones. Generally speaking, I love to cook; it's a hard wired technical, creative outlet & a good bit of action too. Studying is my antithesis to the fair warning I've been gifted, experienced, loud and clear, of becoming resentful towards these culinary gifts, but not of broadening my horizons. Anyhow, sometimes i like to free-dive, spearfish, snorkel, run on the beach, yoga, meditate. Yoga is my most consistent hobby, all hail the mat & salute that sun. My hazardous party tricks include blowing fireballs, throwing javelins, 'inventing' things. I can sometimes be 'a bit much' when i get excited. I have had a few runs at shenanigans with those beading, crazy, uninterrupted eyes. I do not mind however, disappearing for a while & crawling through the grass, playing it safe, ambushing my adversaries in paintball, eliminating the threat to complete the mission. But generally a polite, chill citizen with a very capable vocabulary of a sailor who likes to be around others, more so one on one, like a bearded ol' sea Captain sailing into the eye of a storm. My 'safe' party tricks are esoteric 'hot seat' conversations, people watching a whole lot, drinking coffee & talking philosophy. I have other skills too but this for me is 'just so creamy'. I'm currently volunteering with Cobargo BlazeAid, it should be called 'Coupargo', because this place is red hot with alternative, outwardly spoken personalities who live on the edge of a gamble. To switch off i dig crime thrillers, historical/political dramas, board games, video games, gardening, writing, poetry, all kinds of music, a good book, articles on behavioural & clinical psychology, food anthropology, all the good fill in doses. I like chill, colourful housemates. Woolongong looks cool too. It's safe to say that we are all different and are all a little more complex than we lead on, whether you outwardly share or not. Everyone's got a spark somewhere. i hope you've enjoyed this introduction & i look forward to hearing from you soon. Do your worst & change my mind, i already have a good feeling that this could work out.

Available 1 November 2021