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$150/week30 year old male

Hey everyone :) Bit of a unique request here but thought I'd throw it out there and see how it goes. At the start of this year I was living in my van. It started out as a bit of a joke and then I realised how cool and relatively easy it was and continued doing it. Once Covid 19 hit however, it meant the closure of gyms...which meant the closure of my shower haha. Also cafes and shops being closed meant I had nowhere to charge my phone and laptop etc so I moved back into a place where I currently am at the moment. What I'm ideally after is a mixture between the 2 scenarios so far. I'm after a place where I could park my van (whether it be in a garage, carport, back garden etc. I'd have access to the house for Kitchen and Bathroom facilities, Laundry and we could also run an extension cord to the van so I have electricity, and also Internet. Essentially it would be like I bring my very own room to the place but its outside...and on wheels lol. I work Full Time so I wouldn't be home very often during the week. I don't drink but I'm keen to socialise with room mates and love a good chat and coffee. I'd obviously chip in my share for bills and would look to pay up to a maximum of $150 a week. I understand its an interesting request but I figured I'd give it a crack. Maybe your place has the space and an extra $150 a week divided up between existing room mates could provide a little extra relief in these times. Who knows? Let me know if this could potentially work :) Cheers P.s anywhere within 20 minutes of the city would work for me. Nothing further out than that.

Available 31 May 2020