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$250/week25 year old man

Heya, I'm a Kiwi that's jumping the ditch ASAP for a job I just landed. I won't have a car for a bit, I don't smoke, I drink rarely, and I value my own space but also want a sociable flat too. I'm a 25 year old creative, Audio Engineering / Music Production graduate with a bunch of different interests that keep me busy. I'll be working in a music instrument store. Looking for a house with like minded, creative, musical people that like games, and take pride in their house. Preferably: Clayton area as that's where I'll be working, with public transport access not far. Small-medium room that will fit a double or queen bed (Furnished would be cool as I'll have nothing at first) Good ventilation (Air con would be sick) Secure access (A lock, would be good as I amass my gear and build another studio) Washer and Drier Bathroom shared with no more than 2-3 people with space to put necessities. Main attributes about me personally would be - Musician : I play guitar, produce music and sound effects for animations and games, and my own projects. Media nerd: I love watching shows (Anything Marvel is dope) horror movies, I play my fair share of games (LoL, CoD, retro emulators), music buff (3 main and very different genres would be European Power Metal, Bass Music, and soundtracks. Sometimes read non-fiction. Super laid back: I'm a really chill dude, I tend to stay away from drama and I don't make enemies. I'm not confrontational unless I need to be, and I treat people how they treat me. Equality and all that. But yeah I'm not violent, pretty understanding and empathetic, always trying to be a good person and do the right thing. Why I'm cool as to live with: I'm always down for some flat antics and a drink after a busy day, cooking meals, cleaning up after myself, willing to pitch in for a cleaner or a roster, always pay bills on time. I'm a pretty good problem solver with a can-do attitude, often undertaking DIY projects or fixing things that need to be fixed. I'm not qualified, but I can follow a tutorial and do research. My car is/was (I sold it) still running from all the work I've done to it lol. Contrarily, I also value my own personal space, and it's not uncommon for me to get hyper fixated on learning something or doing an online course or a personal project, and not leave my room for hours. I'm preferably looking for a chill, professional but fun environment that is blunt, and doesn't beat around the bush with passive aggressiveness if there's a problem. Life is too short to gossip behind peoples backs or hope someone gets the message after multiple hints. Weird details: I am an AVID fan and supporter of paper towels. I go through so many. Spilled something? Paper towels. Need to dry the dishes? Paper towels. Just washed your hands? Paper towels. No plate? Paper towels. Food needs to go in the fridge? Paper towels. No toilet paper? Sock. Just kidding, paper towels. I have a super specific way of washing my dishes to ensure they're clean. I gotta use blistering hot water, I gotta wash the bubbles off and make sure there isn't a soapy film leftover, and by GOD at LEAST make sure there still isn't food on anything. By the time I've finished and cleaned up, the dishes are generally dry enough to be put away, or patted dry with a paper towel then put away. Like, I'm not a clean freak though. My room is generally in a "lived in" state with some clothes scattered on the ground and odd trinkets in weird places as that's my space, but I'm not leaving messes around the public and shared spaces either. I could ramble on for a bit more but, I'll end it there. Message me to hear some of my music or for more questions! CJ

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