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$350/week40 year old woman

Hi There, My name is Emily and I am looking for a lovely, positive share house to move into OR a 1 bedroom Modern Flat or studio that’s not absolutely TINY OR I'm also open to creating a SHARE HOUSE with 1-2 MAX other females. I feel I’m pretty laid back and love to connect/socialise with people I live with, but I also need my alone time so am very respectful of people's space and privacy. I have a lovely cat (very low maintenance and house trained) called Ruby who is almost 4yrs old- So I need to find a flat or Share house where women would be happy for her to come along as she’s my little fur baby and a totally NON-NEGOTIABLE! She’s also pretty darn cute and if you give her attention- she’ll start sitting on your lap- especially if you’re wearing a dressing gown! 😃 My budget is between $150-$400 Max per week. The $400 would be for a solo modern FLAT or studio which has ALL bills included. (The 2nd to last place I lived in was $350 totally renovated in Linden Park half furnished). My last house was a beautiful cottage in St Georges- Not Modern but had dishwasher, heating, cooling, ceiling fans etc & I was so fortunate to only pay $250 for half the house with ALL bills included except internet! Sadly the house is now being sold). Seeing I’ve hit the 4-0, I’d love to live in an updated place with mod cons- dishwasher, aircon/heating/ceiling fans are always a plus as well as built in wardrobes. Another huge plus would be if there was an ensuite or we all or both had our own bathrooms or more than 1. Just to feel like you have more of your own space. My usual work is a Teacher (primary-middle school) with a specialty in Music but I got an injury at work in Melbourne where I lived for 4 years in 2017 haven’t worked since then as unfortunately the fusion didn’t completely work! But I’m hoping in the next couple of months to start a bit of singing teaching as I’m missing work! I’m also a professionally trained violinist but can’t play since the surgery which Is a huge shame and I’m a Singer & dabble in piano with a few EP’s in my past of a band I was in for a very long time ‘The Finishing School’! Despite the fact I’m not working, I’m getting the Job Seeker allowance & do have savings so there is no issue with paying rent. My interests are- obviously music, meditation, psychology, yoga, gigs, festivals, Netflix binge nights, The Fringe, Saving the planet, being a kind human and many other things! I'd love to share a house with 1 or 2 females MAX who are positive and may like to have maybe a movie sesh sometime or the odd Coffee chat. The ultimate would be females who thrive on deep conversations more than ‘how was your day?’! I’m just finishing a year renting my grandmothers house with a guy and the extent of our communication for an entire year was ‘how was your day’ and ‘good morning’ so not particularly fulfilling to live with! So if you have a room in a modern house (I’ve done the cheap cold 70s/80th stuff in my 20s and up to mid 30s so now would like something comfortable)! and preferably 2 bathrooms (but not mandatory) just a preference and a lady who is happy with a snuggly cat who is a half Ragdoll Half Tabby- so bargain is- she barely sheds much fur! If that magical person may exist- I’d love to hear from you! And if you have a flat or studio that is modern & inc bills & my cat- I’d love a message too! Can provide excellent references from several landlords & agents in Adelaide & Melbourne. Oh and the last thing- if you have a flexible lease- eg 1 month notice to move out, that would be IDEAL as I’m hoping to buy an apartment sometime over the next 12 months. Crossing my fingers that my manifested place in head with the things I mentioned- comes up! Hope to hear from someone soon! Emily 🌸

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