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Early bird

$170/week27 year old male

Hello future housemate(s)! My name is Kon, 27 years old, will be moving back to Melbourne from QLD on Xmas. Looking for a room in a sharehouse (potentially long term). What I am looking for: I am looking with some friendly, cool, laid-back and respectful flatmates that will get along and potentially be friends (instead of only saying 'hi' and 'bye' everyday). I am happy to share dinner/grab a drink sometimes and also give each other some space to do our own thing. About me: I am an extroverted introvert that enjoys the outdoors, everything social and appreciates alone time. I have lived in 3 countries (Greece, Australia, Vietnam), I love travelling, exploring nature, cities and everything the world has to offer pretty much. I am into photography, graphic design, music, movies, some tv shows, learning new stuff, spending quality time with people, dinner, drinks, long walks, looking after my physical & mental health and having fun in general. I recently graduated from RMIT (marketing) and I will be potentially starting postgrad studies at unimelb at the beginning of the year, unless a full-time opportunity comes along. Finally, I am allergic to cats. I love dogs but I can only live with people with pets, only if they are actively cleaning after them and their house doesnt smell like dog 24/7. Will be able to inspect places right after xmas. Happy holidays! If you think we could be a match, shoot me a message. Kon

Available 26 December 2020



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$215/week26 year old female

Hey there! My name's Nina and I'm looking for a new place to call home. At the moment I am working full time in for a philanthropic/arts foundation ( working a mix of at home and in the office until restrictions ease). I'm interested in art, psychology, cooking (vegan food and sweet treats). I would love to live with others I can binge the latest Netflix show or grab a drink with but also love my own company and can often be found working on a craft project, getting absorbed in a new book or listening to a grizzly true-crime podcast (which I will probably retell to you). I am looking to team up and find a great place to apply for with others(I have rental history and furniture), or a room in an existing share house. Very keen to find somewhere with great light - I have to keep my plant babies happy - an outdoor space and close to public transport/shops (I don't have a car but love to bike around when the weather allows it). The Balaclava, St. Kilda, Windsor, Prahran and South Yarra areas are my preferences (while the Northside always beckons I'm a sucka for the beach and nice parks). Living with others who are environmentally conscious, open-minded and respectful is important to me. Kindness and communication = key to creating a supportive and comfortable share house for all. Holla at me if you are keen to create a queer, SW, neurodiverse and differently-abled friendly environment. I love animals and will jump at the chance to live with a responsible pet owner with a dog I can spoil and take on walks but am allergic to cats (it won't stop me giving them pats, but I will sneeze all the way home).

Available 1 December 2020