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Early bird

$280/week26 year old female

Hey, my name is Elisha. Basically all there is to say about me is that I'm a pretty quiet, laidback, keep-to-myself kind of person but I get along well with anyone, never had a problem with that. I like reading, writing, singing, spending time with my dogs. I'm more the type of person who has a few good-quality friends rather than a bunch, ( quality over quantity and all that ) pretty much just like to relax with a good book and cup of coffee at home in my spare time. I can be cluttered with my things, not going to lie, but I never let it go overboard and make sure to clean up my space in my spare time. Few important notes to make: my move in date is fixed on around Feb - March next year because that's when my lease runs up. My little pup, Bella, is coming with me. I already have to leave my German Shepherd boy with my parents. I've had both my dogs since they were weeks old hence when it comes time for me to move out and leave Caerleon that's going to be really hard for me, so I would at least prefer to take Bella. Sorry, but I can't go back on that. Also, I have my assistance dog who needs to come with me, he's a big one for me because being an assistance dog, he has public access rights and he helps me deal with anxiety and meltdowns ( if they occur ) in public. Last, complete honesty because it's probably going to come out once I'm living with other people: I'm autistic and still going through ED ( eating disorder ) recovery. I had Anorexia Nervosa for over 10 years and although I'm stable and at a healthy weight now, I'm still not fully recovered. Things like the smell of food cooking or people eating or seeing food on TV etc can make me really anxious and nervous and upset, and I'm just...I can be a difficult person to be around when I get like that which is why I will make sure to shut myself in my room or go out when it happens. Um, but I'm going to be straight and say that it's probably not the best idea for me to be in the kitchen helping to prepare meals and if we need to do roommate chores, I'm happy to do any of them except grocery shopping. I'm sorry, but I just can't do any of those things yet without panicking and getting anxious and sucked into old habits that could jeopardize my chances of preventing a relapse, and it's important to me that I stay on track with my recovery. I've been in one other sharehouse arrangement where my last flatmates used to do things like tell me that there are "children all over the world going hungry" and that I'm being selfish by starving myself, or they used to do things like taunt me with food, laughing and shoving it in my face. I don't want to go through that again so please only consider/message me if you know for certain that you can be non-judgemental and patient with my mental health, er...problems. Thank you.

Available 2 February 2020


Early bird

$180/week23 year old female

I'm a 23 year old student learning about video, graphics, computer design etc. I study at South Bank, so as long as a bus stop is nearby that'll take me to Southbank within 40 mins-1 hour, I'll be good. SOUTHERN BRISBANE PREFERRED. I love video games and animals, especially birds (disclaimer: I do not own any pets) and love art! I am unemployed, but very enthusiastic and friendly! I an also an animation lover so I have a collection of oddities and toys and movies, etc. I own two video game consoles (Wii U and PS2) that I like to use in my spare time, otherwise I'm often out on a walk or on my laptop. I will have times where I want to be alone due to anxiety, so I hope you understand that. I don't drink or party hard unfortunately because I am unable to, but once I warm up to people, I am very social! I am looking for a kind, accepting person and my own room. I do have mobile data but wifi would be nice for study. But again, I have data, and a lot of it. I have a LOT of stuff that would fit in a nice bedroom except my own bed and cupboard. I have my own cutlery, pots and pans etc, my own pillows and blankets. Air con isn't a must as long as I can bring my pedestal fan with me. I have a collection of plushies and like to have clean posters on my wall. Though if I can't have posters, that's fine! I don't mind pets at all! I have trouble finding work, But I can afford rent and work around the house! I am very reliable and like to keep a house clean. :) Please do not message me if your rent is over $180 a week. At the moment I simply cannot pay that much, especially if its over $200. I am on Away From Home allowance. If I don't respond I apologise, I am new and very shy with online interactions. Doesn't help me much but I'm working on it! P.S: I have a bicycle so if there's anywhere I can place it safely that'll be a bonus.

Available 1 February 2020