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$165/week18 year old gender diverse

My names Forest they/she, I’m a 18 year old non binary person🙂 I have been in sharehouses a year and a half and am triple vaccinated . I’m looking for a safe space where I can be myself where we communicate and bring up things that annoy us, and can generally do our own thing, I don’t expect anything less than anti-racism no transphobia, ableism, body shaming, classism, queerphobia or erasure practically anything that isn’t intersectional feminist we are all learning though im not asking for people to know everything and be perfect just open to learning . I obviously want everyone to hold me to the same standards. Im looking for a environmentally conscious house if possible , We are all works in progress though again in every aspect and I have a lot to learn, so I’m not here to judge. I ideally don’t want to room with people who smoke but am open to a conscious arrangement , and definitely not anyone that would treat the house like a party house (drinking until you are drunk and people over all the time) . a mental health literate house would be important and that ties in with communication, as I struggle with depression and energy wise things can be hard at times . House wise I’m looking for a place that is light filled and clean and practical with a dishwasher (ideally) and a , comfortable sized kitchen space, with greenery in the surrounding area like a park or bike track/nature path, and a food shops within walking/public transport distance . Area wise I’m happy in places further away from central Melbourne and any kind of city (eastern-ish suburbs eg Gwen Waverley, vermont, wheeler’s hill) .

Available 31 May 2022

Ashlea & John

Ashlea and John

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$380/week25-29 year old woman and man

Hey there my name is Ashlea I’m 25 years old and my partner is John who is 29 we currently reside in Wantirna but flexible at looking at other suburbs to call home. We are flexible at looking at something of our own or shared, but do require security to park our personal car and my partners work truck. A few things we would be looking for within a share house is our own bathroom/ensuite and not looking to move into any massive share houses as it can be hard to share communal spaces at meal times etc. We are very respectful, clean and tidy people and very mature for our age I would say we prefer to stay home than be out and about so definitely not party people. Unfortunately there are some issues that come along with renting a room through someone that doesn’t own the property so I’m only considering a share house if its being advertised by the owner of the property. I have been diagnosed with OCD so I like a very clean and hygienic place to live and I take a lot of pride in where I live. I would prefer to only share a house with a maximum of 2-3 other people where we all see each other as equals if possible. I have lived in many share houses where one person has believed that they control the whole house and no one else was allowed any pantry/fridge space etc. Of course the owner, well it is their house and will always respect how they want things done in their house I guess I’m more referring to every person having an equal right to the kitchen and communal areas and it’s not just taken over by one person and everyone else is left with no other choice but stay cooped up in their room. I love to have a chat but also like my own time as well. We are smokers but will only ever smoke outside and never leave any cigarette butts laying around, always have an ashtray and empty it whenever is needed. I am a client of the NDIS so it’s very important to me that my professional supports are welcome to visit me where I live. It is definitely more ideal for us to move in somewhere that is available now or in the very near future as it’s becoming a bit crowded where we are currently living. An added bonus as having us as your tenant/roommate is that NDIS fully fund a weekly cleaner and Gardner for where I reside. We are very flexible about furnishings but definitely need a room that can fit a double/queen size bed as well as space for our computer set up that we both use for my potential work and gaming. Once I have found somewhere that I can call home I plan to start looking for work (casual or part time to start off, and if I was ever offered full time I would definitely accept the offer) but until then my main source of income is my Disability pension and NDIS pension and John works full time which allows us to live comfortably and have all my rent and bills paid on time and still have money left over to enjoy life. Due to a physical health condition I can’t hold a license so either being close to public transport or shops would be really helpful but not a must as John owns a car and holds both a car and truck license. We aren’t too fussed whether bills are included or separate and happy to pay extra for internet. If your place doesn’t currently have internet we are flexible with that but could only move in if we were allowed to set it up ourselves at our own cost if need be (so would just need to know all the points were available for a connection) we don’t have any pets ourselves but have no problem living with animals just as long as they are flea-ed regularly etc. - big or small just no snakes or spider please 😬 I understand and respect some people have their doubts about people on the pension which is why I would like to offer rent and bills to be paid via Centrepay for added security (if your not sure what that is I will be happy to explain it to you further) but I know even without Centrepay we are more than capable of paying rent and bills on time. If it is a share house that you have to offer I would prefer to either have a lock on our door or have the option to put one on ourselves for added security as it takes time to trust the people you live with. I understand that within share houses it can be hard for everyone to be home at once but it would be really great if at inspection time we could meet most if not all people we would be sharing a house with because even if we have a room with an ensuite there is still other communal areas to be shared. I would love to live with people like minded to me in the ways of getting along and how we all keep the place we call home. I do like to do deep cleans of areas of the house so I think it would be best for us to live in an environment where people are okay with me using chemicals to clean (I have lived in previous houses that have only wanted natural methods and I would prefer to live somewhere with the freedom to clean the house with things such as bleach as it does a much better job) We prefer to go out of the house to see our friends so it is rare that we have people over. I love to get out of the house with my supports but it’s very important to me that they are welcome to where I live and I don’t feel forced to be cooped up in my bedroom with them but have the freedom to sit in communal areas with them or do some baking or cooking in the kitchen. I really hope to hear from you soon, please feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss this further I definitely prefer a discussion over the phone or in person than texting back and fourth but flexible with what is easiest for you :) I will apologise for a very lengthy introduction but I believe from the very start we should all know what we want and if our values align.

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