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$250/week22 year old female

Hello there! My name is Shannon, I am 22 years of age and a student studying science at Swinburne! I am very passionate about astrophysics and astronomy, dancing and the performing arts. I am a pretty creative individual who enjoys the company of others but can be a total hermit at times! I am very health focused and do not drink or smoke. (if you do that isn't an issue though!) I eat a plant based diet and try to live a fairly active lifestyle! I work casually and spend a lot of my time either studying or focused on my personal development. I have lived out of home before (1-2 years) and am really keen to move in with someone that is relatively neat and aware that when living with someone it is a two way street and is capable of pulling there own weight (as this was an issue in my last living arrangement!) My only concern is my dog, she is a beautiful natured dog but does tend to bark when people are at the door or around strangers. being as transparent as possible here, I have been worried about moving out for this reason but am hoping to find someone with a pet of their own or is a dog lover! She is a very good judge of character and if she loves you (SHE LOVES YOU!) She is the light of my life and hopefully if you feel we are suited, she will brighten yours too! I am hoping to find somewhere with a backyard for her! Really looking for someone with a dog of there own, would be perfect for my situation as I am super keen to buddy up with another dog lover! :) My dogs name is Misty, she is a Jack Russell and she is 10 years old. She is a very playful and loving dog, she is house trained and knows to do her business outdoors. She sleeps with me and is very bonded to me. She can be quite cheeky but all in all is very well behaved aside from her barking, which can be a bit annoying at times. She doesn't chew furniture or anything like that either :) I am a very open minded person and am open to living with all kinds of different people! I love a good in depth chat about interesting topics (especially anything space or science related!) I am respectful of others personal space and do like to keep tidy. Looking for a housemate that is keen to split chores or organise some kind of agreement on this kind of thing as I haven't had the best experiences in the past. I love to cook but eat mostly plant based, still happy to cook communal meals if you are happy eating this way! Whats important to me mostly is finding someone that loves dogs! I don't drink and am pretty health conscious! Still love the occasional night out though to dance and socialise!

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Claire and Lily

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$350/week21-27 year old females

Hello! Our names are Claire and Lily, we are a lesbian couple seeking urgent accommodation in the eastern suburbs of melbourne. Our budget is 300- 350 per week for both of us. We will need one bedroom to share that is large enough to fit a queen bed. We have no children or pets. Lily smokes cigarettes but is in the process of quitting, and only ever smokes outside. Claire does not smoke. Neither of us drink nor do drugs of any kind. We are both in search of work, and currenty studying. Claire is studying a cert 3 in early childhood starting in march. Lily is in her 2nd year of her apprenticeship in commercial cookery. Neither of us drive however claire is learning rapidly in her driving lessons. Claire is a very neat and clean person, and Lily is still learning to keep her spaces clean, but tries her best. About us: Claire is 21, cis female, pansexual, anti-racist, intersectional feminist. She supports sw, the LGBTQ+ community, POC, indigenous peoples. Claire operates on a strict moral compass that is ever-evolving when she is presented with new factual information. Her basic ideology is that every human being deserves basic human rights. Claire enjoys being creative, learning, makeup, fashion, reading, mindfulness, sunshine, nature and social time. Claire is socially extroverted, but respectful and enjoys her down time equally. Claire loves animals and kids, and her favourite colour is yellow. Lily is 27, transgender female, feminine presenting, homo-flexible. Lily is open, expressive and kind, proud supporter of LGBTQIA+. loves to learn new things and experiment, especially with cooking. Loves to read, has an eclectic taste in music, video games and practices piano. Has a love for all animals, especially cats. Trying new styles of clothing, and makeup. We both have experience living in a share home and are extremely respectful of others and their space and belongings. We practice frequent healthy communication and expect any housemates to do the same. What we are looking for: First and foremost, a relaxed house, without any partying, drinking, drugs, yelling or abuse. We are searching for a safe place to be ourselves. We will need a lock on the bedroom door, or a knocking policy. We will pay rent and bills on time. We have our own washing machine and furniture. Thankyou so much for reading and we look forward to hearing back! Please message us with any questions. Have a lovely day!

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