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Joseph & Stephania

Joseph and Stephania

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$500/week30-34 year old man and woman

About us: Our names are Steph and Joe - we are a couple who originate from Colombia and UK. We met in Melbourne 2 years ago and now looking to settle in Sydney for 4-6 months we wait for our PR visa's to be accepted. We are looking for a flat or room in sharehouse. We are on holiday in Italy until August 14th so looking for a place from then. We're chilled, clean, conscious of others and love to be social. We can cook and enjoy doing activities and things with others around the city. We would say we have a good sense of humour and don’t do things like set houses on fire or play side-trance at 3am on Sunday night. We are often referred to as a 'fun couple' and will always go out of our way to make people feel good in the environments we find ourselves in. We can keep ourselves to ourselves but also enjoy socialising and doing shared activities. We like to exercise, read together and learn new things. About Joe: I’m a professional in a creative industry and will often be found doing photography, illustrating or going to a festival or gallery whenever I get the chance. Love reading and watching movies but also a good night out once in a while. I am also British so if you do anything wrong/annoying I won’t put up a fuss and carry on (one simply couldn’t say anything). Instead I’ll hold it bottled up for years until I have a stroke in my 80’s (like most good, considerate British people do). I have a confident and direct Colombian girlfriend so she can help me send things back in restaurants if they aren’t quite right. About Steph: Charming, beautiful and friendly. Joe isn't writing this. Good chats and always up for dancing, hiking and exploring new places. Likes to watch movies and have drinks at home chatting. Works in customer service and marketing. Will make great arepas for breakfast.

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$300/week34 year old woman

Hi there, Alex here I work full time hours in hospitality and I am passionate about my job - also started studying sustainability online. I most definitely enjoy dining out and being looked after on my days off as much as leaving the city to be in nature or layzing at home. I absolutely love having people around and sharing a space with others as long as we're all aware about each others need of space and tranquility when needed. You do you kind of thing. Simply being appreciative of each others company so home is our safe, clean and comfortable place and able to respect each others down time. I'm not looking for a roof over my head but a home to come back to. Did you say Pets? I would absolutely adore getting a dog but so far I haven't managed to find the right space and if you do have a companion, of any kind, It would be so welcome. When it comes to me and what I wish my housemates to be is tidy, respectful, chill, wholesome, financially ok and clean after themselves. I'm interested in pretty much anything I don't know. If kitchen inspires me, I could spend hours in and some days I won't even look at her (as I eat a lot at work) Love music and movies so yes, live gigs or movie night snacking? count me in. If we have a garden, you'll find me in there to relax and plant vegies. If we're lucky enough to have a garden the reward you get from harvesting your own food is something I have discover during covid last year and wish I could do the same again. I'm a total street finder. Whatever I/you need, on facebook or other places I challenge myself to find it for free, cheaper and second hand. I guess it is as much a way of living as it is a hobby. As per home and my room I dream about a light filled room with windows, ~ unfurnished only, a spacious living space/kitchen. Pretty much what I look for is natural light, windows/outdoor and space. I have furnished my 1bedroom home and so I have everything I need and more but ok to let go of things if no room or need in the house. I have a car too and would need street permit or parking space nearby. Much more to say about myself and can't say it all here so please, If it sounds good to you and you have any questions feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to start a chat with you Alex xx

Available 14 November 2022

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