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$350/week30 year old woman

I am Filipino and I've only been in Au for about 3.5 years. I am looking for a place that is open for being a home (Long term stay). I put 3 months as I would like to have flexibility, and have the initial months more like a ‘trial’ for long term viability My preferences are flexible but there are home features I am looking for: - spacious room if in a shared house to fit a desk and still have some breathing space. Preferably the masters bedroom. - any extra corner/ space where I can set up a second desk so I have an alternating space for work. - privacy as I work from home and need to be left alone most of the time. I will be on zoom and calls most times. -if the room is small, a study nook/corner in the house or a spot I can convert as a mini office is a biiigggg bonus. - the room has to have good natural light coming in from big windows. View from the room is a BIG BONUS, as a room without big windows/view can feel claustrophobic. - with flatmates, I would love people who are self-aware, mindful and able to communicate clear boundaries. I intend to build genuine kinship and getting along with my housemates is as important, if not more, than the house/apartment itself. Bonus points if you have a sense of humor, love a heathy lifestyle, can enjoy banter and open to games nights from time to time! But also won’t take it personally if i need my own space and disappear sometimes for days away on trips. ** if you have a studio/granny flat, a 1bedroom apr, or an extra big room for rent in your home, please message me! ** reviewed as *best flatmate of the year* by my current flatmates (I have a mug to prove it 😂) More about me: * My intention for the past year has been to build a strong network of friends and family in the Gold Coast. So I would love my place to be warm and open to having visitors, but no worries- no loud drunk parties! * I am a coach and healer (psychology + NLP + hypnotherapy + kinesiology + energy work) and I work from home and take client sessions via video calls... which is why I am looking for a place that is quiet,comfortable and near the beach or a park. I find that being close to the ocean/ water is important for my grounding. I will probably be in my room with the doors locked (for privacy of my clients) but some of these sessions or trainings or workshops that i do may be late at night (as I have an audience that is spread out in different timezones) I would love a place that has plenty of sunlight and good air flow. A room with a view is SUPER HUGE bonus points. A bath is extra bonus points. Pool, saunas, gym availability are great features too but not necessary. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't party, but I do enjoy playing music in my room. I like meditating where the sun can reach me, and having a walk by the beach. I am an artist as well and enjoy painting/sketching. ☀️ 🏖 I love cooking but don't enjoy doing it only for myself, so if you like asian food, I'm happy to cook for the household from time to time, I’m an amazing cook, as been told, but unfortunately even if I’m Asian, don’t cook rice well.😂 I love pets but I don't have one right now. So happy to live in one with a pet. I like having plants in my room, and I like saging burning incense and do space clearing with smudge and singing bowl in my home space often. 🙏 I am quite sensitive (in energy and smells) so I like saging, diffusing oils and burning incense. That being said, If I will share a house, I would prefer it to be with a non-smoker, and someone who don't get drunk every night or has loud parties (at least not often). 😅 I’m totally down for a party on special occasions like birthdays and celebrations! I enjoy quiet time a lot and will respect privacy in the same way I would like mine to be. I am however, still quite sociable and would love getting to know my flatmates and sharing a meal from time to time. Plus points if open to having games or movie nights. 🎭🎲🤹‍♂️ I am into podcasts, meditation, healthy nutrition, spirituality, tantra, psychology I’m poly-single - so would vine with someone who is open minded. For others, this might be an issue 🤷‍♀️ I enjoy dancing and go to A dance school in Southport so that’s a factor I’d consider (I don’t drive). I wrote an essay on here, I know, because it is equally important for me to have match in personality with the people I will live with, as the place itself. Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you soon!

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