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$235/week34 year old male

Hey there, I’m endeavouring to find 2-3 fellow like minded people that are prepared to team up to establish a great household vibe of friendly housemates within the coming months. Finding a great house is the simple and easiest part, finding some new housemates who’s company you can enjoy can be quite at the other end of the scale. I prefer to rent a property within the $400-$550 range (plus more for 4br) but will consider outside this range depending on the budget of whom I would be teaming up with (ultimately I am just after some great housemates). At the moment I prefer to find a 3-4 bedroom house in Carrum Downs (or Keysborough) as we could get a bigger and better place for the same price you’ld expect in a bayside suburb such as Seaford or Frankston (but I am flexible). I don’t mind splitting the cost of a whole house with one other until we find 1-2 new worthy housemates or wait to find new housemates before starting to look for a home. I’m in no rush and am prepared to wait as long as it takes to find some potentially awesome housemates to setup a share house with. I don’t require an ensuite (or the master bedroom as long as the room is about 10sqm) but I will require the use of half of a double garage. I have a household of furniture but I don’t mind offloading any or all of it providing you have something of a higher grade you would like to be used instead. I also prefer a house with a decent sized backyard with a nice garden rather then a townhouse. Even though I have most household items I would like any new housemates to also make a contribution of some sort for your fellow housemates to share. I imagine you will feel more comfortable living in a house that will be your home too (and not feel like it’s someone else’s) if you owned some goods in the common areas. I’m considerably clean and tidy, and have encounter many housemates that initially refer to themselves as the same but after the first couple of months I find that is not truly the case. I assure you that I am not among one of those potential type of housemates but I am flexible to other's standards but keep in mind everyone still has a breaking point. I am happy to adapt in many ways to keep a friendly household environment. Prefer someone that doesn’t use drugs nor anyone that’s a regular drinker in the habit of getting drunk most nights. I’m a non smoker so am seeking others that are prepared to smoke outside only. I understand people that are seeking house share are usually younger then me and mostly in their 20’s which I’m cool with, and would also favour someone on the brighter side. It would be great to teamup with some interestingly fun and friendly people that have good morals and even though I hope to enjoy the good company, I fully understand and respect the need for personal space and time of other housemates. I have been residing in the Frankston area for 4.5 years and have no pets myself but am happy and open to consider any you may have. I own and operate a pinball business but really haven’t done anything this year due to covid-19, but I will be putting a lot of effort into it this coming year to ensure things return to normal. I also use to operate Jukebox and Arcade Machines but am currently selling the rest of them during the coming months hence I need half a double garage to store them. I typically only play music while I drive but I also could arrange to put one of my jukeboxes in the living room as I have hundreds of CD’s of music from 1950-2010 of many genres ….and of course you would be expected to save your coins for the use of it (lol). I don’t have enough time at the moment to pursue many interests and hobbies (until my business is back on schedule) but I use to be a muso until a past housemate fled with my axe among other things. I’ve seen many profiles on this site of people describing they like music, tv and movies - but hey who doesn’t? I’m open minded to new interests and welcome to hear any from new potential housemates I’m sure to acquire in the near future.

Available 1 February 2021