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Early bird

$220/week40 year old female

Hi, I'm Jodie. Seeing as we're complete strangers, I figured I'd give a clear picture of what I'm looking for and what it's like to live with me so we can skip the part where we have to find another situation! Happy to consider pooling our resources and applying for a place together. I do psychometric assessments by trade, but am currently recovering from health complications as a result of surgery so am on government income for now. I’m a quietly productive type of person who loves to get out in nature, travel and experience life, as well as read, cook & do photography. I'm introverted myself and prefer to be left to my own devices, but am also confident & friendly so enjoy the occasional good chat or Netflix binge if we're around at the same time; I prefer not to live like awkward strangers in the same house. I do love my extraverts, but don't think I currently want to live with one as we generally have very different lifestyle needs. We'd be a good match if you want someone who: - Is 100% reliable with paying the full rent & bills on time & happy to provide references - Is looking for long-term accommodation - Is very clean & tidy (I like to live that way, and leave places in as good condition or better than I found them) - Does their share of the chores without being asked - Doesn't smoke - Has no children - Has no pets (I love animals and have had pets from rats to cats, dogs & horses but want a long-term break) - Is vegetarian but doesn't care what you eat, likes to cook & is happy to share the odd meal & drink (I suck at cooking for one) - Likes a calm atmosphere in the home (I don’t do drama, and don’t want to be around it) - Lives a quietly happy life and is NOT a party person or huge socialiser - Is perfectly comfortable respecting your space & privacy - Will ask before using anything that belongs to you and request the same courtesy in return - Would be an ideal flatmate if you work away from home a lot & want someone trustworthy to look after the place while you’re gone & help share the bills We'd be a poor match if you: - Don’t pay the rent & bills on time - Only want/are offering short-term accommodation - Allow smoking (including outside) - Have pets or frequently barking dogs in the neighbourhood - Have children who visit regularly or live on the premises (I like a quiet life and realise it's not fair or even possible to ask children or teens to adhere to that) - Are dirty, messy or lazy with your share of the household chores in communal spaces - Aren’t a considerate & respectful flatmate - Are someone who likes to have lots of people around or people visiting the house frequently - Are a loud, exuberantly social, party person or someone who attracts drama - Are looking for someone to potentially be your new best friend, hangout/drinking buddy, or cure for loneliness (sorry to be blunt, but it happens & I'm not the answer) - Are a huge fan of Seinfeld (jokingnotjoking)

Available 8 February 2020