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Early bird

$250/week29 year old male

- as clean&tidy as the housemates want (kitchen will be clean at all times, if you wish so) - very considerate by nature - quiet and needs quiet especially for sleep (definitely wouldn’t suit party houses) - has soo many hobbies, would be always busy doing things when not working (would rather go out whenever conditions are right, rides (will be riding long-distance trails, and discover Sydney a little at last), plays basketball, jogs, has totally quit playing guitar, doesn’t eat gluten (does hardly eat any carb), very interested in the workings of GI tract, trying to be a student (will study awsome things), international citizen (insists on not going back to his home country and clinging on here, works in hospitality:(, just tries to survive at the moment (doesn’t thrive the least bit), has regular early starts so times of kitchen use are unlikely collide with yours (doesn’t cook for fun btw, does that quickly), needs to prepare his own food everytime, doesn’t actually address himself as a third person except when having tried to introduce himself with bullet points - oh, very important point, doesn’t want his bedroom to be too close to the wi-fi router&strongly prefers to sleep out of the strong influence zone of wi-fi signals, but if it is, we can still easily handle turning it off at nights&turning it on in the morning -or whenever someone needs it- using remote controllers), don’t freak out please i can explain:) - perhaps has some quirks but really easy to live with/get along, very communicative person - what am i going to bring to the table then (except my fair share of rent); i actually might bring my home-made yoghurt dear potential housemate, it’s so wonderful, it’ll amaze you - looking forward to finding a long term home and meeting you

Available 14 July 2020