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$250/week27 year old female

Hi potential roomies :) TLDR; You = fun, me = a catch, as a household = phenomenal. My name is Erica, I'm 28 and I work as a postdoctoral research officer in aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology (currently WFH). I'm originally from Queensland but have been down here braving the Melbourne chill for 1.5 years and plan to stay indefinitely (don’t tell my Mum). I'm looking for a place to call home. Minimum stay 6 months, flexible on move dates, $200-250 per week. Looking for housemates that are similar in age that I can be friends with; we can hang out together, speak openly but know when to give each other some independence. Some selling points/information about me: • STANDARD STUFF ○ Friendly and easy going individual. I'd like to live in a home that is welcoming, fun and relaxing where we all feel like friends/family. ○ House proud and clean. I'm very willing to pull my weight to create a home that we all enjoy being in. ○ Respectful of others privacy and boundaries. ○ Have lived in share houses on and off since I was 20. • IMPORTANT STUFF ○ I'm partial to an exchange of witty banter and love to joke. ○ I'm amazing at connect four. I also like puzzles so could start/contribute to a household puzzle/tv night. ○ I will listen to you complain about work and offer an opinion on tinder profiles should it be requested. ○ Love tea. ○ Super into plants. I have an indoor jungle and started a veggie patch during lockdown which I have bundled up to take with me where ever I land (snow peas are going gang busters FYI, you can thank me later when your annual snow pea costs is $0). ○ I love greyhounds/whippets/italian greyhounds. I may or may not need to pat each and everyone. ○ I enjoy cooking, I come with a food processor, a fancy kitchenaid mix master, knives and a few pans plus Mum's secret recipes. ○ I use to go to the gym/crossfit often (pre covid) now I try work out at home. I have a barbell and weights which I'm happy for others to use, or better yet come join me in a workout! Think of all the gainz. ○ Hiker. You better believe as soon as lockdown is over I'm heading out to a trail. But I also love to veg on the couch on a week night. ○ I have an affinity to insects and offer full/free spider removal services. ○ I enjoy friendly household games like who can make their paper plane go furthest. ○ COVID has lead me to get in touch with my inner Nanna. I now knit and sew. So if you need masks or a beanie, look no further. ○ And because it's helpful to stalk potential roomies here is my IG If I sound like someone you'd like to spend lockdown with or you'd like to talk further and organise a meet up please get in touch! Look forward to talking more :) Erica

Available 15 August 2020