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Early bird

$200/week25 year old female

I'm looking for a new place, preferably with one other female who I get along with well. I am currently studying 2 full time courses in mental health and looking for work. I don't party. I have chronic fatigue so I like to keep things pretty relaxed. I am quiet, clean and respectful. I like to keep to myself a lot, but I also like having a nice homey environment where we can have a good chat now and then. I am very spiritual (non-religious). I can share that part of myself or keep it to myself but it is who I am. I care a lot about the environment and I'm left wing politically. I guess I usually wouldn't list these things because if I don't agree with everything in an other person I try to still be respectful, but a lot of people aren't like that and can find these things to be problems, so I figure I may as well introduce myself properly now, especially with everyone being sensitive about the bush fires in their own ways right now. I'm a pretty accepting person. I'm not against drinking or smoking. I just can't physically handle those things myself and would be most comfortable living with someone who gives notice for throwing parties and things like that. Occasionally is fine but every weekend is a bit much for me. I have been renting and living in share houses since I was 17. I am now 25. I'm looking for a short term lease (6 months) preferably to start with. 12 month leases are a big commitment if people end up not getting along well. I have a lot of furniture - I need a large bedroom and I have a couple things to go in the living room, but no lounges or big things like that. If you think I'd fit well into your home please message me on here with some details about yourself :)

Available 17 February 2020