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$300/week23 year old female

—————— TEAM UP —————— Are you tired of pasting the same intro into endless listings? Are the authentic puns in your bio starting to lose their magic? Are you spiralling into a pit of existential dread because you just haven’t found that perfect share house you’ve been dreaming of? If you are a 20 / 30 something year old young professional, then this could be the team-up you've been searching for! For what I lack in copy-writing, I make up with my obsessive refreshing of (got to make sure my house hunting spreadsheet* is always up to date). As a seasoned data scientist, I will make sure that your, my and other potential teammates’ requirements are fully optimised to identify the perfect targets for inspection. Let’s make possible the impossible, effortless the strenuous. I am a reliable and versatile housemate. The words "reliable and versatile" may have been adapted from an old dating profile, but in application to this new context, I am that housemate you can count on to throw myself into it - may it be business or leisure, party or cleanup. Like the average millennial on this site, I work a 9-5 office job, like indoor plants and growing veggies and "hanging out with my friends on the weekend". Perhaps unlike others, I am great at making cinnamon scrolls and at (loosing) never have I ever. I am extremely house-proud and appreciate the appreciation for personal time and space, so much so that you might find me recuperating by browsing Kitchenwarehouse. Last but not least (and as hopefully no one will need to specify in the near future), I stand against discrimination of queer, POC and other minority group identities. If all of this chat sounds like your cup of tea, I’d love to share a cuppa with you in person or via Zoom! *Happy to share said spreadsheet with anyone interested! —————— EXISTING HOUSE —————— Thank you for scrolling down so far! If my terrible banter hasn’t put you off and your exisiting house vaguely resembles what I attempted to describe, then I might also work as the new addition to your happy share house family. Please shoot me a message :)

Available 19 June 2020



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$300/week35 year old female

I’m looking for housemates I can create a, homely, community atmosphere within a shared house. I've been applying for 3 bedroom houses in the Newtown Enmore and Redfern area. I have to move out of my current place by 13th March as my flat mate is moving out and I don't want to live there anymore. I'm keen to connect with roomies who want to join me before then! I'm also looking at options to move into a shared house / flat just in case I don't find anything / anybody in time for the 13th March. I hope to find fun, warm, unicorn embracing, flamboyant bunch of amazing creative hippy humans to live with! A bit about me; I love creative personal projects from renovating furniture to painting, writing, dancing, acro yoga, going on adventures and discovering new places to camp / hike / explore / hide. I’m clean to live with, have an active lifestyle and if you have a band that you jam with, I’d be happy to sing along haha! I love a deep conversation, classified facts and holistic therapies from quantum physics, to mind training and all sorts! I love to go dancing mainly to electronic disco, funky house, deep house, reggae, rock, soul type of music. Love going to doof’s like Dragon Dreaming and Burning Seed, so finding roomies who want to dance with me, that would be a total bonus! I’m sponsored here so work a 9-5 in Surry Hills. Originally from the UK but moved here as I have never felt like I fit in with the culture and lifestyle there. So I love immersing myself around multicultural communities, and learning from people of all backgrounds. I’m warm, mischievous, passionate, laid back night owl! I’m an understanding, sensitive, empathic soul that is equally strong minded, decisive and confident. I’d love to meet spontaneous adventurous roomies who can relate to the above.

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