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$300/week19 year old woman

Hi there! I'm a new student starting a Bachelor of Arts Degree at ANU at the start of 2023. I own my own business in disability support care but plan on expanding when I come to Canberra. I'm very easy going and keen to get to know others. I would say I'm definitely proud of my home and like to keep it clean and tidy. I am turning 20 soon and although I am currently living at home, I pay weekly rent and have a lot of responsibilities. We are all adults and work together with healthy communication to create a good environment for everyone. I have experience living out of home, for example living in Japan as an exchange student. I'm definitely less of a party person and more of a stay at home person but I do love to hang out with friends. I am fine with sharing space with others, whether that be each doing our own things or enjoying time together. With me, I have my two year old kelpie/border collie named Kenai. He's extremely friendly with people always asking for a scratch and other dogs he knows. He has been crate and toilet trained and does not destroy things around the home. Kenai is a lovely dog and only barks if he sees a stranger coming up the driveway, but I've taught him to come to me/go to his bed whenever people come over and he immediately stops barking. He has many enrichment activities and is walked/exercised daily. Despite being an energetic breed though, he loves a good nap! We both enjoy walking/biking/hiking/kayaking/camping and most adventurous things. I've also found having plants and playing DND great new hobbies of mine. I especially love reading books, listening to music and creating DND campaigns in my free time. I'm looking forward to moving to Canberra!

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Sarah & Ethan

Sarah and Ethan

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$500/week24-25 year old woman and man

Hi there! I (Sarah, she/her) am a second year medical student at ANU looking for somewhere to live near Uni or the Canberra Hospital. I'm a fairly relaxed person, who loves being in a social environment, but with space to retreat to when I need it. I'm a relatively tidy person, but have a full-on schedule that can get a bit hectic, so a low maintenance house is a bonus. I do enjoy the odd bit of gardening, and have plenty of houseplants. I love a good fantasy saga, board games and cooking. Ethan (he/him) is my long term partner and will be moving up from Melbourne later this year. Ethan is a board games nut, keen cycler and coffee critic. He works from home so we will need a second room/private office for his work and my studies. Ethan is very tidy and likes routine. We have a 3yo Kelpie named Willow who is an avid soccer player and is tennis ball obsessed. She likes being inside, especially by an open fire, but is used to sleeping outside at the moment. I can't seem to add another photo so see @wigglebutt.willow on insta. We are open to cooking together a few nights a week and am more than happy to share responsibility for household chores. We're always down for a glass of wine, cup of tea/coffee, or a board game, and would love housemates who are up to going for the occasional hike or to see a movie. We are currently looking at houses in case something great comes up, but are in no rush. Shoot me a message if you think we'd be a good fit!

Available 15 August 2022