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Joseph & Stephania

Joseph and Stephania

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$500/week30-34 year old man and woman

About us: Our names are Steph and Joe - we are a couple who originate from Colombia and UK. We met in Melbourne 2 years ago and now looking to settle in Sydney for 4-6 months we wait for our PR visa's to be accepted. We are looking for a flat or room in sharehouse. We are on holiday in Italy until August 14th so looking for a place from then. We're chilled, clean, conscious of others and love to be social. We can cook and enjoy doing activities and things with others around the city. We would say we have a good sense of humour and don’t do things like set houses on fire or play side-trance at 3am on Sunday night. We are often referred to as a 'fun couple' and will always go out of our way to make people feel good in the environments we find ourselves in. We can keep ourselves to ourselves but also enjoy socialising and doing shared activities. We like to exercise, read together and learn new things. About Joe: I’m a professional in a creative industry and will often be found doing photography, illustrating or going to a festival or gallery whenever I get the chance. Love reading and watching movies but also a good night out once in a while. I am also British so if you do anything wrong/annoying I won’t put up a fuss and carry on (one simply couldn’t say anything). Instead I’ll hold it bottled up for years until I have a stroke in my 80’s (like most good, considerate British people do). I have a confident and direct Colombian girlfriend so she can help me send things back in restaurants if they aren’t quite right. About Steph: Charming, beautiful and friendly. Joe isn't writing this. Good chats and always up for dancing, hiking and exploring new places. Likes to watch movies and have drinks at home chatting. Works in customer service and marketing. Will make great arepas for breakfast.

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$400/week26 year old gender diverse

I'm moving to Sydney (from Brisbane)! I'm looking for somewhere to stay for up to a month while I attend inspections and search for longer-term accommodation. I'm currently working as a Flutter developer on two social media apps, one aiming to reduce polarization and misinformation spread online by gamifying the breaking of echo chambers and creation of valid and well-sourced arguments, and one aiming to increase the dissemination, reproducibility and open-accessing of research in academia! You'll probably find me quite focused, quiet and private, as I'll be seeking seclusion and peace while I work intensively on these startups and sort out my move. I'm learning to cook and loving it, and usually don't burn things! I'm vegan and would love sharing recipe ideas or cooking together if you are too, but won't get in your face about it if you're not. If you're [kind, honest, optimistic and energetic], or [polite, respectful and shy/introverted], I'll love you and suspect we'll get along! -------------- If I end up doing a teamup, more extensive lifestyle information about me: - very early bird: naturally wake around 03:00 and sleep around 20:00 (I won't disturb you in the morning or mind if you're loud at night; just mentioning so you know I won't be much fun for late night socialization) - love adventures (nature, exploring, museums, culture/arts), and, if we get along, will probably (if you enthusiastically consent to letting me :'D) attempt to drag you with me - Latin partner dancing <3, especially Zouk, want to learn hip hop and breakdance - My background and greatest passion is mathematical physics, and my ultimate dream is to alternate between continuing studying/researching and developing software for social good while travelling the world as a digital nomad!

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