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$150/week34 year old woman

* Please read the entire listing before replying, as we are all eager to fill a room or in need of a room and quick info guide supplied here on my behalf.. Please reach out if you have something. * I am a professional in Noosa looking for long term and in need of a place closer to my work for only sleep and amenities during the week when I need o my sleep and shower. ..not really a Flatmate * (alternative options for sharing or lease take over too if your looking let me know). Therefore surrounding township included and only need for a place to sleep and amenities when needed. Unless looking for house share, as I’m open to relocating. Ideal for someone not really wanting a “flatmate” as a "bestie" ..friends are great, but I have to work long hours at this time and when I would be there I would be either still working or running in to crash. This does not mean we can’t be friends. Friends are good! Rarely would I need the kitchen except maybe for coffee to kick start the day. Come and go quietly and return not usually late if needing to be there. I’m rarely home, which is why I am at this price, as belongings elsewhere. “Try” to be in bed by 8-9 and wake at 4. (This doesn’t mean I’m “mobile” at 4am and you would never know. I am very quiet and considerate of others well being and appreciated like minded people when it comes to health and well being. * Totally enjoy my coffee on the go or on a boat..basically, where there’s coffee or a boat-I’ll enjoy. * I look after myself and others well and take advantage of each moment life has to offer. * Supporter of Victory Over violence ( you should google it) :) * Animal, Gender, Race, Disability, Equality and Wellness Advocate, Respectfully. * I am easy to get along with and see the glass more than half full. For all other options, share or questions, send me a message. I do have another place, but too far when rest is needed. If you have space of any kind and could use the extra cash, please contact me. * I am a professional * Smoke free please :) healthy habits, drug free and drama free. LOOKING FOR THE SAME :) no judgement, just cant take the smoke.... Clean, Quiet, but outgoing when the time is right. I appreciate smooth skin and breathing too much, so a smoke free, drama free home appreciated. (Laughter here) I do try to add laughter to whatever the situation. Even if I’m the only one laughing. * I get along with most every one, as any issues usually lie within ourselves just a little philosophical thought of view. * I do not have any down time, but working on that, as I create this listing. I also understand that in life you can have many things and lose many things, but out of all of this you need to have peace in your heart and a bit of love for yourself and others. * I do work with a well mannered hard working Assistant dog, 6 kilo, and she is w/me 24/7 (literately) as she is now a huge part of my business as well as my life. Now and then another part-timer will be working with (Not big dogs) *will not be left for anyone else to tend to as always with me. * These girls are quiet, clean, well mannered and you would only see them in passing with myself if at all. * No or few stairs very appreciated, but can accomodate. * A meet and greet w/them will be worth your time All excellent references. * I am very responsible as well as I like my environment clean. If you leave a jacket on a chair, I won’t think it’s the end of the world. I’m pretty laid back. * I am not into sports, rather than the arts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Inspiring, uplifting and promoting well being in all ways is my forte. So, whatever it may be, hike, scuba, mountain climb or ballet, sing, play piano or chess, I will support your creativity and well being! Thanks for taking the time to read this long and Informative listing and if you have any questions, please send me a message. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for showing common courtesy when communicating.

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