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$300/week34 year old female

Hey, I'm Leonie. I'm the one dancing in the street or in the local park with a big smile on my face and a flower or two in my hair. I find joy in simple things because I see things differently to most. I see everything, absolutely everything, as a gift... and all of life is our interpretation of our environmental stimuli; everything happens for a reason. Translation: hippy chick with her conscientious head screwed on. I have spent 12,454 days here (for non math-lovers that converts to a a few shy of 35 years) I'm also a Gemini so I may be a quiet,conscious observer and quick witted simultaneously. Generally speaking I'm usually the quiet studious type as well as an interpreter, the one bridging communication gaps to allow better transmission of positive emotion between humans, as well as emotion identification in those unable to communicate traditionally. Also, I immensely enjoy finding new ways to communicate information, previously misunderstood emotion, and new ways to understand the human brain, and to use our memories to an advantage. I'm ready to embrace anything the universe throws my way. I am a non drinker. I study addictions, memory encoding, electromagnetism, ancient alphabets, brain anatomy, eye anatomy, music, frequencies, sound processing/perception and the little-known unconscious mind... in addition to an extremely fascinating subject which, when asked, I've learned to shorten to Unconscious Human Communications (among many, many other self-directed subjects which fall under the same umbrella) As such, clarity of mind is imperative for me and I prefer to keep my connections open. Alcohol tends to bring the opposite to clarity for me.. but I'm not a stick in the mud, so I wont mind an occasional gatecrashing from a happy drunk person at the odd party ;) I am generally a quiet individual, I am social yet I like my own space. I learn from every person I interact with. My studies are my primary focus, as such the space I require isn’t too massive. After a peaceful separation from my fiancée of five years, I finished up running our family owned automotive workshop in Northern Brisbane before we closed up shop in late 2018, with the intent to take a year off. Well take a year off, I did not... instead, my brain decided to stay active no matter what I wanted and so I started studying the aforementioned little-understood subjects instead. The Sunshine Coast is my home and has pulled me back here with its ever-growing magnetism. Feeling incredibly drawn here, I finally arrived back a few weeks ago and I brought with me a developed mind, no doubt a new improved version of me due to being a “free-range” dancer. I dance how I feel, as such you'll often find me dancing to my destination.. usually with Bluetooth headphones in for an epic experience. This may appear strange to some, but for me, answers come when I'm dancing... and what others think of me is none of my business. If we cared too much about others opinions, we’d never leave the house, right? As long as I’m doing right by the world, respecting others space and continuing to hold integrity.. Strength of character to me, this is what matters. In the face of the occasional soul laughing at my dreams, I stand steadfast in my beliefs and work almost tirelessly to show others their own abilities. I'm currently in Wurtulla and have fallen in love with this area for some reason.. my hosts opened their home to me after my caravan flooded during the rain a couple weeks back. They are wonderful people, bless their souls, and they have helped me identify myself even further. Why leave then, you may ask? Well, they love their television... I love music... and the two do not co exist in harmony when there are advertisements seeping into my subconscious mind instead of music. Without inconveniencing my lovely housemates at night, I have found it challenging to dance freely as they mean more to me than dancing, which was always going to eventually lead to our peaceful grateful goodbye hugs , as dancing freely, quiet but freely is absolutely non negotiable. This is where my answers come from. Self love and self awareness is helpful, and it is easier to be present for others and be in a better position, when we love ourselves first. I am looking for a furnished granny flat, apartment, or dual living lifestyle... I like sharing with people, but I also enjoy the little chuckle and freedom at night when I accidentally walk into a door whilst dancing... or kick a bucket... and then collapse into quiet giggles at the irony as I inwardly sing the line "walked into a door again " if you’ve ever heard the 80’s song My Name is Luca, this will make perfect sense to you. I speak with those on the other side on a regular basis; spiritual communication forms a huge part of my life. I relay messages from their ethereal world to their receptive loved ones in our world. I do not push this onto people, as such this ability isn’t immediately obvious on the surface ; I have spent approximately 18 months learning to control this newfound ability and showing others that they can do it too. I I love being alone; in life it is incredibly important to be content in your own company. But after some great alone time, and talking with dead people, I do enjoy the company of humans.. if only to retain the appearance society’s expectation of normality. I have learned to balance both worlds with conscious predictive knowledge of where to share new knowledge and where I can learn by observing. That about sums me up as a person, in addition to being overly helpful, I tend to anticipate needs of others and counteract them before others are conscious of them. This used to work against me, nowadays I have made it work for me. My vision of home: As it’s just me on this journey, small, tall and proud... I hold a simple vision for a living space.... a granny flat / duplex/ dual living/duplex style apartment. A little floor space is excellent for my quiet dancing. A garden will be a bonus, but is not altogether necessary. Access to running water for one of my side income streams will be a bonus... (haha I punned you accidentally, but seriously.. I am fortunate enough to turn my love for rainbows into a lucrative business) I absolutely love the idea of having a large undercover area protected from the elements to display my vision boards, however this isn’t entirely necessary. If you can visualise what I mean, and are in any way spiritual and have a place like this, we must chat yesterday. Thank you, and have a great day. P.S - as an investor, I completely understand the desire to have the security in knowing mortgage is taken care of. It's pressure ridden and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. For those who have, rest assured your rent will always be paid on time . Leonie

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$250/week31 year old male

Hi there, - I’m a Canadian country boy and permanent resident of Australia. - I am looking to rent a cottage, unit, studio, granny flat, or similar arrangement of private space where I can be creative. Preferably in the Maroochydore region of the Sunshine Coast. - With the current circumstances in mind, my preferable length of stay is flexible / negotiable. With that said, I'm open to long term for the right fit. *My budget is $250 bills inc. I am also interested in an arrangement where I could offer some work in exchange to reduce rent down to $250. In this case my budget could be higher* - If something needs doing around the property, I can be very useful as I held onto a number of tools from my previous handyman/gardening business. I come from a farm and could potential be of good use. - I work in the Live Events / Music Industries, and I'm always working towards something. I am passionate about all things music. I enjoy writing, playing acoustic guitar, singing and playing harmonica. I will most certainly be doing all of that, but am respectful of the environment around me. - I use a lot of time on my health. I love a good hike, discovering new trails, and have a tendency of loosing track of time on a good run… followed by a plunge into the ocean. - I am clean, and put a lot of value in realness and respect. Love a good yarn with people who value these things too. *Bills included. Preferably partly/fully furnished, and with reliable internet* *Current situation: Unfortunately, due to the virus I have been stood down from employment. In the meantime, I am seeking new opportunities until things get back on track.* Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from you

Available 10 June 2020