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$250/week60 year old woman

About me Im called Kate , mature aged woman and here are some preferences 🙏🏽 Prefer a quiet and peaceful location and home environment , open view appreciated. 🙏🏽 Own bathroom. Laundry is also appreciated 😊 Stay length for up to 12 months ( with extension optional ) 😊 Open to self contained accomodation, granny flat type or shared home accomodation with same values and like minded person. WORK Retired HPE Teacher , with an interest to add in some study in the area of law, as well as continue to create Coaching for Personal Growth, Emotional Well being , Lasting happiness and serenity, Inner Success and 'goals' Coaching (health & wellbeing, self empowerment), Life Coaching and have some Entrepreneur projects on the go. A work in progress online and offline. VALUES LIFESTYLE I lead a healthy lifestyle as best can be , enjoying walks in nature (beach, river, mountains, forest). Eating clean whole organic foods is the aim, early to bed early to rise, appreciate meditation/ emotional releasing/ buddhism, a little yoga. I value nurturing and nourishing the body and mind. I love essential oils too. Non negotiable are safe and healthy, wise relationship. PERSONALITY I respect people's boundaries and their own space and enjoy socialising when the opportunity presents ! I am very fair and honest. QUALITIES/ INTERESTS I like a calm, clean and organised house. I'm a happy and positive person, rarely watch TV, love the beach and nature overall , (even the nature within a big city), enjoy attending any grounded personal transformation and/or essential oil events, and also enjoy being around like-minded positive and wise people . ☺️ Ive an interest in some sports events, musical productions and have a love for photography. I really value effortless creativity. I am well travelled and have lived, worked and travelled overseas and have attended retreats over seas too.

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