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$250/week25 year old male

Update; hopefully to find a place/ready to move in after lockdown! Hmu Hey there! Name is Kyle, I am 25 and filipino/spanish I am a very open minded and a non-judgemental person. I classify myself as the most friendliest and easiest person out there period. Love a good banter, can take jokes..who doesn't want a good ol'laugh eh? Apart from all that, my perks for being mature and calm and collective are present at all times. I am a very social person, love a good coffee/tea sessions. My line of interests are above and beyond. That means i probably will have a thing or two in common with everyone who i come across with. I wont jolt down everything but here are the general ones that make me unique. I have always been able to play any sport since primary school. But basketball is the cherry on top for me in the sport world. Im a fit person, so fitness and eating healthy are my thing. But a little devil at times because i cant run away from some good cookies or snacks in general. In saying this im all for people who want to eat what they want, im not a religious person, i like to find the balance in things. I sincerely respect peoples private time, as i for myself like to keep myself updated with stuff whilst on my computer in my spare time. I love games, whether it be video, computer games, board and social games. I love my down time , and also love a drink from time to time. I am a very tedious person, i am number one when it comes to hygiene, as a person who plays sport. I keep my surroundings clean aswell because i believe living in a very clean place. I love and appreciate nature. I like sceneries, long drives etc (good for clearing space in your mind) Im just gonna say i appreciate alot of things, living and non living.. Im the type of person who finds the fun and positive in everything i do or who ever i come across with! In saying that, my line of work is with a group of people who facilitate a training workshop for basketball. We train people, who have a fire in putting the hard work in so they can put out what they have learned out there in the field. Its a very social thing, working with different people and meeting new people and making friends is my thing. Also open to team up with trustworthy people! So hit me up and we can work something out 😝

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