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Watson Share Accommodation

Watson Share Accommodation



Early bird

$220/week30 year old male

I'll try keep it short and sweet... I'm a professional working as an urban planner/designer in the private sector here in Canberra (Hobart Place) I'm born and raised in Canberra though have been living in Melbourne for the past 3 and a bit years now and just moved back for my dream job. I'm looking for a place that likes a clean house with a homely feel e.g. occasional home cooked dinners, beers on the weekend, watch a movie or series in the evening, brunch on the weekends kinda thing etc. I work during the week so looking for a place that has a good work/life balance while also wanting to expand my social circle in Canberra. I keep myself fairly busy during the week with after work activtives and looking to lead an active and social lifestyle. I like to go out and about on the weekends (though I also like the occasional chilled weekend). I love getting around the footy (AFL) and NBA (basketball) I love food, enough said. Well travelled Parlo italiano Salsa dancing Improv classes I enjoy my music and especially techno I'm not looking for any particular kind of housemate just ones that are open minded, easy going, creative, love a bit of banter and live life to the fullest and enjoy the company of each other. Ideally a house that has a great work/life balance and is social. I'm not in a rush to find a place more just waiting for the perfect place, so I'm flexible with move in dates. If you think that we'd get along hit me up and let's arrange a time to meet up! Peace Tim

Available 20 March 2020


Juliet and Cass

Free to message

$250/week30-36 year old females

Hi there, we are two part-professionals, part-students who have teamed up and are looking to find another person for a wicked share situation in the inner north of the 'berra. Our budget is flexible at around $230-$270 to get a house with some outdoor space, something larger than a shoe box with an adequate heating system for those chilly winter nights. We are actively looking and applying now with the intention to move by the end of the month. Have a gander at the bios below and if it sounds like your kind of house share, send us a message. Hola, Juliet here - I am a long-time Canberra resident. Originally from the US, but Australia is home now. I am looking for a friendly and fun home environment that respects other people's space but still has a family dinner every once in a while or a picnic at the river in the summer or a movie night on the couch. Good housemate qualifications: tidy, friendly, quiet, love to cook new things (and share) and going on random adventures. I am fairly active (though of late my soon-to-be-completed PhD has taken most of my time off) - my pref is hot yoga or a walk around Mt Ainsle, not-a-big-tv watcher but also not adverse to a late-night binge sesh and I like to have a drink or two at the smallest excuse and if cheese is involved all the better. I have a lot of indoor plants, a lot of furniture, a great Dyson vacuum and a cat. Her name is Bean and she is very quiet (she can't really meow, it's more of a raspy caw) and she loves personal space. Unless its dinner time then she's your bestie. She has begrudgingly lived with a dog before so she could handle a chilled doggie housemate. Hi there, I'm Cass, born here in Canberra and back a couple of years now after studying linguistics in Melbourne and doing some travel. I'm looking for a place to share with some kind, good-humoured people who enjoy sharing the odd dinner / meal-sized-grazing-platter and bottle of wine, as well as respecting the general share-house etiquette deal. Would love to live somewhere fairly sunlit, close to walking trails, and built soundly enough to play and / or sing some loud soul music. Definitely prefer a house and backyard, love the idea of a TV-less living space somewhere in the house too, however will absolutely settle in for many many episodes of Brooklyn 99. Outside my office job I sing, teach yoga, write, make terrible jokes and am trying my hand at some mini side-hustles. Wow, made it to the end, on'ya! Let us know if you'd like to have a chat about sharing spaces, Peace!

Available 28 February 2020


Free to message

$400/week24 year old male

Are you tired of uncleaned dishes left to blemish the household. Housemates that cower in the room not spreading love, banter, and retro gaming consoles. I might have your answer A little speel about myself I grew up in Norway. Guarded the Royal Palace for a bit. Moved to Sydney to study international relations at USYD and join the Army Reserves. And now moved to Canberra to work at the Department of Veteran Affairs My residential history includes: - living in a tiny room with 8 other royal guards as a 19yr old. The drill sergeant’s inspections were unforgiving - sharing an apartment with a girl in Amsterdam - living in a share house with an amazing guy and girl in Sydney last year - living in another amazing share house in Oslo 2 years ago - living in student accommodation and a college So I know how to organise the admin of a house, communicate and solve any friction, and make a jolly little community with the people there. At work and sorting important business in life I am driven, result orientated and rather serious. As soon as I can, however, I let the carefree, spontaneous and happy me out. Things I’d do on a weekday afternoon would be going out for a drink and some trivia, committing to a movie, checking out funky FB events like gallery openings, reading, checking out my plants and fish, playing any team sports, exercising, or playing with my Nintendo 64/ PS 2+3 Things I plan for weekend: Road trips with either my 4WD or roadworthy questionable 70yr old Austin A40, throwing house parties, or day trips into national parks/beaches/waterfalls Budget: 200 - 400 Suburbs: Bradon, Turner, Campbell, Acton, Reid, O'conner, Dickson, Ainsley I work at 21 Genge Street so somewhere close to there Bill🤠

Available 26 February 2020