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$375/week24 year old female

Hey! I'm a public servant grad looking for an idyllic and comfy 'nook' to call my own, and I think a bedroom + private bathroom/ensuite dealio perfectly describes the kind of fit that I am hoping and looking for! Now that I'm armed with an actual stable income thanks be to our APS overlords, I can finally fly the parent's coop and live the smashed avo homelife of my dreams ♥️🥸 But getting down to the actual specifics, here's what having me will look like: • Looking for an ideally long-term living arrangement, and I'm very flexible about rental start dates etc. I also have a lil' car, but I don't mind what the parking arrangements are (street, carport, etc), as long as it's ideally free! • My presence as a fabulous housemate during the *working week* will be me working the 9 to 5 full-time job, Monday to Friday. • On *weekends* I'm usually either out majority of the time seeing my friends or partner, eating gluten-free cafe pancakes, playing field hockey, or just chilling and binging tv shows within the warm confines of my bed • In the evenings, I typically enjoy my downtime after work and occasionally on the weekends, but I'm always up for a yarn or to lend an ear for peeps when they need, and I'm never against a cute sharehouse dinner or trashy tv sesh here and there 🥳 • CLEAN & RESPECTFUL: I dislike clutter around the house, so I always make sure things are clean, tidy, and organised in whatever space I've occupied (Sometimes the 'Marie Kondo(ing)' urge is too powerful, oh gosh!). Having said that, I fully respect the space and privacy of others, and I absolutely wouldn't mess with other housemates' stuff; healthy boundaries are a must! • I also do 1 or 2 sleepovers at my boyfriend's (ew, I know) during the week/weekend, but I'm hoping this house won't mind if I have him over 1 night a week too, if that's cool! He's fun and very well behaved, I swear ☺️ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ If you'd like any other details or really super cool facts about me, feel free to ask! Otherwise, I'm looking forward to hearing from and hopefully meeting you guys 🎉

Available 24 April 2021