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$250/week18 year old man

Hello I am Saxon, my lease agreement is ending for my current share-flat because my lessor wants her parents to have my room. However, out of 3 tenants she is choosing me to go after I decided to open my mind to her. I complained about my difficulty being open and honest with her due to her abrasive nature, she took the complaint and decided I needed to go. The decision was probably made easier by the fact that she prefers female tenants, and of her tenants I was the only male, she also made it clear she never wanted another male tenant. I previously moved out of my parents home, before I came to my current share-flat due to personal difficulties, however I have had no trouble paying the rent on time and have two comfortable income streams. I am financially stable because I am classified as independent for my youth allowance rates + I get rent assistance + I work 20 hours a week casually at the CFC Woolworths, Rochedale. About me, I'm open minded, flexible, happy, healthy and sociable. I do not mind adjusting to all sorts of conditions, rules and living arrangements and I am a careful and considerate tenant. I am hoping to escape the hood for the second time, hopefully somewhere in biking distance of the Rochedale CFC. The fact that I am car-less should also give you confidence that the rent will be in on time, my cash is too busy filling my pockets, not my gas tank. Finally, I would like to share that I am a full-time student at Griffith University Nathan Campus, studying a bachelors degree in science. I hope to have a career in health, because it is my passion. Oh and my hobbies are fishing, cooking, reading, gaming and fixing things, although, I am new to the fixing things hobby, so I kind of suck at it. Feel free to give me a ring or text message just shoot me a message here on, thanks! Saxon

Available 11 August 2022