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$180/week28 year old male

(Happy to meet at $180 if all amenities are able to be provided. Negotiable) Regularly cooking and/or experimenting with some type of sauce and/or pasta/noodles. Trying to transition to Asian style noodles and soups while the perfectionist in me continues trying and testing Bolognese (and the extreme diversity of CHEESE) until I get it right the whole way in one go 😂 my own personal grind. PC gamer favouring RTS gameplay but versatile and "Singularity-like min-maxer" in case you know what that is 😂😈 I selected smoker but I'll buy a pack maybe once a month or two, chew threw it and go back to my vape so majority scents coming from me are sweet and juicy 💀💨 more or less keep to myself mostly but am very sociable too 😁 "wherever the wind blows". Looking to study in a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) and (most likely) Law (or economics, or both) to follow, so 2020-2021 has been prep and working on myself, having a breath, getting the admin sorted, making sure I'm making the right decisions and refining the direction I want to go in (it’s a lot to invest and sacrifice for but WORTH IT!). In the mean time, there's some personal (medical) business I am working on. Not unusual for me to make too much food thar requires a few extra seats to take the burden, just to be able to pack it ALL away 😁😉 my skills are varied and solid. Omnivorously regular to whatever I can try (seafood is a weak point, admittedly) to vegan (some friends I’ll occasionally cater for). Vegetarian/Vegan I can do but not regularly practised (but also want to be a good host) and baking skills *cough* needs some work but I'll get there. I come with (😅 very well managed 🤣) ADHD, glory and bold. Not to fret! I am house trained 😂 with a twist. I have bouts of insomnia from time to time so if I've left something out overnight, it'll still be taken care of that day.....(I'm not perfect in that department either but usually pretty quick😅 ever trying) Bills in rent preferential for ease of mind but flexible. Allows me to focus mental energy elsewhere. Aircon in room (for the love of Pete) or around the house with a good breeze through the room would be a big win for myself and PC 😭 Gas stove for optimal consumption control. Room to fit double bed and desk + belongings (medium-sized room/storage elsewhere in house?). Built-ins if possible. Trying to set my roots for a little longer so I can gauge the following year for what I need to continue bettering my studies and myself. 6months to get a breath. 12months would help me catch it. What can you offer? I am not THE dude, but I am A dude. Any questions you have, I am happy to answer; hopefully in turn remembering the ones I mean to ask. Very open (lack of filter but safe MOST of the time 😅)so only what you want to know for sure 😂😉 think "monkey's paw". If you are within or surrounding the areas I've mentioned (I've likely missed something but trying to stick close to the city for the most part), hit me up and we can have a solid chat, see if we click 😁

Available 9 March 2021


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$300/week23 year old female

Hey, I'm April. I'm 23, single and work full-time at the Department of Education in the city. I'm currently renting a 1 bedroom apartment on my own in Fortitude Valley, but looking for a more affordable living situation with another roommate. Looking to move late March/early April. I'm a clean and respectful housemate and accepting of all individuals. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, video games, going to cafes and restaurants, going to the beach, playing board games and hanging out with my cat, Luna. I love festivals, going clubbing and a good party from time to time. Don't smoke but don't mind if you do. I'd love to find roommates close to me in age with similar interests and would love to become friends. I'd love to hang out and have some social housemate time, but I also enjoy my privacy and alone time and will respect yours. I have a cat, Luna. She's a two year-old Tortoiseshell rescued from the RSPCA. Luna loves people and is social with humans. She has previously been fostered in homes with other cats and dogs. She would prefer to be an only pet but will learn to get along with another animal with some exposure. I'm looking for a modern townhouse or apartment with one or two other housemates (female preferred). I'd like somewhere not too far from the city, and I prefer the southside of Brisbane but I'm flexible. Luna loves exploring outside and laying in the sun, so I would love a place with a small courtyard/backyard for her to play in if possible. As I'm currently living in a 1 bedroom apartment I have a lot of furniture that can come with us to a new share house, including a washing machine, lounge, fridge, kitchen island, etc. A team-up would be ideal. :)

Available 24 March 2021