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$190/week26 year old man

My name’s Andréas. I’m a 26 year old filmmaker/video editor currently living in Brunswick. I moved back home to Melbourne last year after studying a MAS: Directing in Sydney at AFTRS. I tend to split my time between part time work and work on my own projects. In my downtime I like watching films (of course), hoarding library books, and listening to and playing music. I have a few guitars and a keyboard, along with a large-fish TV, speakers and turntable I could set up in a communal area, or keep in my own space if everyone prefers. I’m moving out of my current sharehouse as my two housemates (a couple) have decided to move into their own space. We were all quite relaxed and comfortable with sharing the house, having meals together and friends over. It felt like a real home, and this is something I’m looking for in a new sharehouse. Recently I've become interested in living more sustainably. In the past I've avoided buying things brand-new, have never had a car and cycle/take public transport everywhere. But like a lot of people I've become quite concerned about climate change and am looking for more significant things I can do. Any houses involved in growing food in the garden, composting, beekeeping, etc, is a big plus to me. I'm mainly house-hunting in the north-eastern suburbs close to my friends and family, but I'm happy to live anywhere that's close to a train station and a max ~30 minute trip to the CBD. As I do a lot of work and self-study from home, I’m mainly interested in a slightly bigger room, roughly 4mx4m or larger. A smaller room is also okay if there’s a shared study space in the house. If I sound like a good fit for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Available 4 August 2021



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$180/week42 year old woman

Hello humans, I'm studying Professional Dog Training and Behaviour with the NDTF. It's basically "dog uni". I do not own any pets at the moment but my car has a name, does that count? I'd love a place with pets of any kind as they're great to have around the house if you do happen to have some. I'm happy to help look after them if you get busy. As I am studying to work with dogs, having some around is an immense drawcard for me but not essential. I am pretty damn flexible so this ad is just a rough guide as I'm happy to adapt to those around me, within reason. I guess you could see most of this as a wish-list for my ultimate abode. I'll go into some detail so you can bounce back here and get to know me a little. One thing I do have at the top of my list is hopefully a group of people to live with (at least 2-3 others and the more the merrier) who vibe well and have a positive and relaxed house dynamic. I also am looking for a house over a flat as I want a yard or large outdoor space of some kind. I really dig indoor plants and help maintain them if you have any. I'd prefer some kind of garden, and greenery and trees around would be bliss! Nothing on a super busy street would be best but willing to sacrifce some aspects of what I am looking for to find a good fit/ rad people to live with. I'd love to quit smoking this year but even then would be fine to be around other smokers, preferably outside. I will not smoke near doors or windows while I am preparing to quit. I'm super accepting, accommodating and value decent communication. I have the occassional healthy dose of cynicsm but also I do enjoy a lot in the world and have many different tastes and interests. "Young at heart", quite funny at times, well-travelled and sometimes a bit of a dork. Some people have said that my laugh is contagious and can put others at ease. My interests are varied and my tastes are eclectic, some of the numerous things I enjoy are film and TV, plants/ nature/ science, photography, the arts, good food, great wine and stimulating or relaxed company. I can get along with all types and have people in my life of all ages. I also really need and enjoy quiet down-time to recharge my batteries and appreciate a space that is often peaceful as well as uplifting and fun. I will respect your quiet alone time too. I love to hear birds around my home and things like that, but also enjoy playing some tunes when everyone is into it. I enjoy cooking for others should they be into things like that, and have plenty to give the people and spaces around me in general. Bonus points if someone else in my house loves cooking for others too. I'm a big foodie and not fussy at all. The occassional gathering is fun but I wouldn't say I am looking for a constant party house. I sometimes have to get up early for classes etc but I am a deep sleeper so I don't come down hard on people about things like's a sharehouse after all! I've lived in all kinds of sharehouses with varying dynamics all over the place and would really love to build a chilled household with at least some kind of "family vibe" in that we don't all just lead completely seperate lives and barely communicate. Somewhere reasonably clean would be great but in saying that I love a place with character and charm as well. Things like good water pressure/ gas stove/ central heating are preferrable. I want to be in/ create a safe space for all minorities and genders etc. Extra points if you're antifacist/ feminist/ sex positive or even just want a gig buddy/ pub trivia pal. Lets live together! I acknowledge that we are living on stolen land and this always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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Natalie & Jarrod

Natalie and Jarrod

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$280/week23-24 year old woman and man

NAT 23 years old, physiotherapist. Chill lady with a passion for tasty food, squats and yoga JARROD 25 years old, disability support worker/student. Very relaxed man who loves a cider and a hike. Originally from Rye, but does not know how to surf. ⭐⭐ We're a couple looking to join a sharehouse, or otherwise team up with 2 singles or a couple to create a friendly and wholesome share house THE PLACE: ⭐ Location: looking for Abbotsford, Collingwood, Clifton Hill, Northcote, Kew, Kew East, Thornbury, Ivanhoe, Hawthorn, Fairfield areas ⭐ The place: Looking for a spacious townhouse/house with a homey vibe and a nice outdoor area. Also would like a shed/garage + a study + parking for a car. ⭐Budget: $280 week for both of us ⭐ Timing: Early Sept but flexible. Ideally 6-12 month lease ⭐ Would love a friendly household where we can get to know each other and not just be strangers in a house. We love being active - going to the beach, hikes, camping. If that's something you're into you would be more than welcome to join. Otherwise we love the occasional drink and cooking up a feast. We also do appreciate our own space, and are very house trained + big on keeping the communal areas a clean and peaceful space. Nat works 7.30 -4:30 Monday- Friday at the royal Melbourne Hospital and Jarrod works on both weekdays and weekends with random hours. Hit us up if you think we're a fit ☺️

Available 1 September 2021