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$250/week26 year old man

About me… I am a lawyer working in Upper Mount Gravatt. I’m quite geeky and intellectual but not a stick-in-the-mud 😛 I tend to be very open-minded about things, accomodating of others needs, and I have a strong sense of humour and adventure. Although I can be outgoing I definitely need my recharge time as well. I am happy to make plans to share in any common interests or mix our friend groups, but I am also completely happy doing my own thang too. My usual pastimes at home are gaming, watching tv, or private study. If I’m headed out I’ll likely be going to see theatre, out to dance and have a couple drinks, or playing competitive Laserforce. I’m also currently building up a gym routine, so I’m happy to be a workout buddy if you’re keen. No pets of my own (but love them all) and I am a non-smoker (but I don’t care if others do so respectfully). I am tidy but not a clean freak and definitely not the type to pick fights over little things. If something seems like a consistent issue I’ll just mention my observations in a completely non-judgmental way in private. I would appreciate a similar approach from others as we get to know each other 😇 The ideal place… * An unfurnished room in a house or apartment that has space for a queen size bed and a medium sized desk (other than that I won’t be bringing a lot of furniture or such with me). * Dishwasher is essential. * Ceiling fan in my room is also essential if not air-conditioned. * Built-in wardrobe, clothes dryer and private bathroom would all be well-regarded features but they are not totally necessary. * NBN internet with good speed is ideal. * I would prefer to live in a house with 4 or less people in total, including myself. * Ideally I would like to stay for at least 6 months, although I am happy to stay longer at the right place. * I am happy to live with anyone, male/female, couples, mature aged, LGB, neurodiverse, etc. If any of this strikes a chord with you please send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Cheers.

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$250/week26 year old woman

Hi :) My name is Kim. I have previously share-housed before and am looking for a home that has a: - nice yard for the pup (although doesn't need to be large or secured) - clean and respectful roomies - chill household, not party-orientated (but obviously the occasional one would be cool) - I'm willing to do team-ups, but unfortunately, I do not have much furniture to contribute - only a dryer and a couch. I work as a veterinary nurse and also in the returns department at petal and pup. I also study bachelor of urban planning and environmental science at QUT. I am outgoing, social, but also like my own space, especially after a long shift/day at uni. I am also an animal lover and have a senior cat that I am wanting to take with me also. The cat is named Lulu, she is a geriatric cat who just loves to lay in the sun and chill :D I also have a dog a 25kg Staffy Cross named molly who is really chilled and well behaved. Gets on well with other dogs and cats and is the trained. She has experience in share houses and have had no issues in the past! She also loves humans so she might be your next best friend ;) About Molly: She is 6 years old. IG: @mollyappreciationclub if you want to know more about her and her personality. She's chill, friendly. Toilet trained (in my current sharehouse, I have her downstairs inside for the majority of the day and I take her out before work/uni and then afterwards we do a walk and go out again in the arvo, she has not once done a "woopsie" in the house). She is trained not to go on furniture (unless you invite her on your bed - she will cuddle). If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to ask me any questions !!

Available 28 June 2022