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Early bird

$160/week28 year old female

***EDIT*** Myself and another person, both inclusive of all races, LGBTQIA+ , disabilities, SW and 420, are looking for one more lovely person to apply for a house with! Our requirements for the home are: - + 3 medium/large bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - large garden - nice usable kitchen and generally spacious home - walking distance to train lines, in the northern ish suburbs - budget is around $575 week - my friend also has 2 cats :)) - NO swerfs, terfs or ableism. If you feel like you'd be a good fit with us please let me know ASAP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The home: - Good sized garden to grow everything I possibly can. - Unfurnished medium - large room. Must be able to fit a queen bed, desk, shelves, etc. If the bedroom is on the smaller side, then a studio/workroom/garage as well, may work. - Must be a generally clean house! - Inclusive of all races, LGBTQIA+, SW, disabilities 420. No swerfs/terfs/ableism. - Within walking distance of public transport as I do not have a car. Almost*** anywhere in the northern, western, eastern suburbs. Myself, she/they: - 28 year old mixed race artist. - Inclusive of all races, LGBTQIA+, SW, disabilities & 420. Does not speak AUSLAN :( - Predominantly quiet but up for dinners and gardening. - Pretty good cook; mostly vegetarian, rarely some fish. - Currently living alone come with almost* everything needed for a 1 bedroom house minus a washing machine. Includes a lot of pot plants, Dyson, small couch, flatbed scanner, fridge, drinking water filter, table & chairs, small cabinet, shelves, another old trestle work desk, worm farm + more. Can sell some furniture if necessary but a preference not to :)) *Please no sublets, rooming houses, shared rooms, student accommodation, etc.*

Available 15 December 2020



Early bird

$130/week27 year old female

My name is Lara (she/they) im a 27yo full time student at LaTrobe University studying social work. I am currently unemployed receiving Centrelink, however I have recently complete a degree in nursing which I plan on using soon. I also work casually as a full service SW to make some extra cash. About me: I’m a nerdy queer who enjoys boardgames, D&D, chess, keeping tropical and rare plants and taking my bike for rides along darabin trail. I have a huge collection of indoor plants, if you enjoy greenery, I come with a jungle - also free clippings🤷🏻‍♂️. I have a giant black feline pal called Olive. She is super friendly, loves to cuddle with her head nestled in an arm pit while she drools. She is VERY dramatic and ADDICTED to the bickies. She spends her days sleeping and acting as tho no one has ever fed her What I am looking: Ideally I would love to live with people who are LGBTQIA+, or supporting of. While I do like to spend time alone, I would like to live with people who don’t mind a friendly interaction or hangs out sometimes. I have CPTSD and Autism, so I appreciate a clear house structure, clear direct communication. I am in recovery for substance abuse; I do not have a problem with drug use in the house however certain drugs and paraphernalia are triggering and I’m happy to discuss these with you in person ☺️ I am a regular 420 user and would like to live in a household where this is okay. Olive is an inside cat and I am happy to keep her predominantly in my room if I am able to use outdoor space for a cat run for her to chill safely outside . She has lived the last 5 years harmoniously with another cat and previously a dog; so I would be interested in introducing her to pets if that is an option I have a lot of furniture that I can contribute however it can be stored if the communal areas are already furnished.

Available 31 December 2020



Early bird

$190/week33 year old male

Hi. I'm 34, work 3 or 4 days a week for a charity (temporarily working from home) and the rest of my time I'm a musician, usually playing guitar or out at gigs/rehearsals (not so much with the pandemic though 🙁 ). I like listening to/playing/arguing about music, reading out in the sun, playing chess, collecting records, catching up with friends for a drink (post-lockdown of course). Always enjoy having a drink or meal with housemates every now and then too. I'm just looking for friendly chilled out people to live with, I definitely don't judge anyone on their lifestyle, though I'm a bit of a leftie, so wouldn't want to live with anyone with any bigoted views. I can get along with most people, be nice to live with others who are in to the arts/music too. I enjoy entertaining a small group of friends on a weekend every now and again (not wild parties) but also value keeping the space clean and calm for everyone. I come with my beloved dog Peter. He's a huge lanky greyhound, spends most of his time sleeping or following me around the house. If you like dogs, I think you'll love him! He's very placid and reasonably well behaved, though because of his size, he's definitely a presence you'll notice around the house lol. He doesn't make much noise (doesn't bark or even get up when the doorbell rings) though he is a bit of a connoisseur of food from the bin, so some slight adjustments might need to be made to keep food out of his reach. He doesn't chew on shoes or cushions or anything like that (far too lazy!). We could potentially live with another chill dog, but unfortunately we couldn't live with any other other animals like cats or chickens. Also, he can't walk down more than a few steps, so I'm looking for a place that is only single story. My budget is up to about $750 a month, though I can stretch it a bit for the right place (and less is ace too!)

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