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$250/week35 year old male

Hi I am Tim, originally from Belgium, but also an Australian citizen. I have travelled heaps and lived in 3 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Australia). I moved to Sydney for work, so I m looking for a place for at least this year, probably longer. (I live in the Byron Bay area normally) I ll be doing a fair bit of overtime, so I usually take it easy in my down time. When not working, I ll prob be out to do some sports, or just generally relax. On weekends I m not working, I ll prob catch up with friends, go for a skate or round of golf, watch AFL, visit relatives in ACT. I am clean, tidy, organised and don't mind doing my share of the chores. I enjoy living with people from other cultures, as I think they make your life richer. My fav food is anything Asian. You can literally wake me up at 3 am with a bowl of noodles haha. I am looking for a pet friendly place as I have my dog Lizzie with me. She is an uber-social, friendly 4y old staffy X who just loves attention and cuddles I would prefer a place with easy/free parking. I don't mind living with smokers as long as it s not inside. I am currently staying at a place, so I would have to give 2 weeks notice, though for the right place, I have no problem forsaking my bond. I have a permanent job, no legal issues, nor debt. I d love to hear from you if you got something for me or want to hear more about me. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: 1. If you list your place and you state you are looking for a clean and tidy person, then present a clean and tidy place upon inspection. I have seen too many places that are just a filthy mess when I arrive. If you're place is like this, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME, and don't write ( I work in construction and deal with dirty and dusty environments all day, so I want to leave that behind the moment I come home) 2. If you tell me there's only gonna be 2 or 3 people in total and upon inspection it turns out there's going to be 5 or more people, DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME and don't write. I am looking for a place that houses maximum 4 people,myself included. ( I've wasted countless hours beating Sydney traffic to see places and upon arrival it turns out there's like 6 or 7 people in the house already) 3. I don't know Sydney suburbs very well, so I have probably forgotten to list some in my search. I am looking for a place within a 40 min ride from Bankstown airport, preferably the bay area, or driving from east to west I know this all might come accross as if I'm a difficult or picky person. I can guarantee you, I'm not. I just thought I might make these few things clear, as otherwise we're just wasting our time, which is a frustrating experience for all parties involved I hope you wil consider me. Kind regards Tim

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Early bird

$250/week30 year old female

Hi :) I'm Melinda. I'm 30, born and bred in Sydney and I work as a contact supervisor for children in foster care. I am currently living with my parents but I'm looking to move out with Mable (my Dachshund x Jack Russell Terrier). I require a pet friendly place and most preferably somewhere with a secure outdoor space. I also exercise regularly at home so I would require some space for that (I use hardly any equipment). I like to take Mable out on walks and adventures, bushwalking, listening to music, exercising, obstacle course racing, and watching the odd movie/documentary or indulging in a series binge and making my own healthy but quick/simple meals (I'm a lazy cook!). I also own a nintendo 64 and I want to buy a keyboard (with headphones so I don't annoy anyone!) so i can get back into playing music. Some subjects I'm into include psychology, self-directed education, issue based direct democracy and nonviolent communication. It's important for prospective housemates to note that I'm a vegan and an animal rights activist. Although I would prefer to live with other vegans only, I am open to living with non-vegans. My boundary is that the household itself is vegan-friendly (plant-foods only in the house, ie. no animal products brought into the house). I'm respectful, friendly and tidy but I wouldn't consider myself a neat freak - so long as the place is fairly clean and generally clutter free I'm happy. I like my privacy and personal space but happy to be social too. Not into the idea of a party house but would like to invite friends over fairly regularly and have the occasional celebration or get-together. I don't really want to live with cigarette smokers if I can help it but I don't have any problems with some 420. I work in Telopea at the moment so I would prefer to not live too far away and preferably against the traffic (more east than west). A car space would be great but not absolutely needed.

Available 1 June 2020