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$230/week77 year old man

Hello, my name is Cornelis Pepsee  I am currently seeking serene accommodation in a different city to embark on the writing of my biography around that rent amount. Currently situated in Sydney, I have previously lived in Canberra and found it to be a more tranquil setting compared to the bustling environment of Sydney. The process of creating my biography is anticipated to span several months, and I am eager to find a peaceful space conducive to focused writing. I would be able to move in on the 17th of December 2023 and can give a deposit before that date. In Canberra, I have a dear friend, a retired teacher, who shares my passion for this literary endeavor and will be joining me in co-authoring the book. As a 77-year-old individual, I consider myself to be a quiet person who appreciates a harmonious living environment. Despite my entrepreneurial background, dedicating time to my biography is currently my foremost priority. Highlighting my inclination towards a peaceful environment, I want to underscore that I abstain from drinking, smoking, or any substances. I derive comfort from music and appreciate activities like walks and cycling for exercise. I am amiable and easy to connect with. Having operated my business adjacent to the University of Sydney for 25 years, I established positive relationships with the students. Additionally, I undertook a significant research project, which will be a focal point in my biography, a finished project that I can continue working on from Canberra. If you have suitable accommodation or recommendations, I can visit Canberra to inspect if needed, please, feel free to reach me via phone or SMS so I can move on or after 17/12/2023, Thank you, Cornelis.

Available 17 December 2023